Torpedoes PreRolled Cones ReviewTorpedoes come in an interesting array of flavors. I got a Peach flavored cone. It was fun just opening the canister. These cones are huge. XXL to be precise. The hemp and rice mixed papers burn fantastically. And the quality was surprisingly good. I had never smoked a peach flavored anything in my life before preparing this Torpedoes PreRolled Cones Review.

I had my Torpedoes delivered to my Mom’s house. This is because I use her mailing address since I am usually homeless half the time. I knew my cones were arriving on Tuesday so I showed up with coffee. My Mom was very happy that I stopped by to visit. Of course I was really there to pick up my cones.

She had already taken the mail in and had opened my box. She asked what they were. So, I showed her. I pulled out my bag of OG Kush and filled the cone. We got high as kites. I wound up spending the entire day in my Mom’s kitchen, laughing and watching soap operas. Before I left my Mom had me order her the Apple Flavored Torpedoes. It looks like I will be going over for coffee again next Tuesday.

Torpedoes PreRolled Cones Review

Torpedoes PreRolled Cones ReviewWhat I really like most about these flavored cones is the quality of the paper. First, the papers are ultra- thin. If I am rolling a joint or using a cone I want as little paper as possible going into my lungs. Secondly, the papers are a hemp and rice blend. Again, this is the kind of healthy choice I like to make when it comes to smoking pot. Also you get a filter tip as well. Most cones come with tips. It really makes the entire smoking process easy and more enjoyable.


Another thing that stands out is the packaging. The container not only protects your cone, it also preserves the integrity of your flavor. You will notice this the minute you open the lid. The room will fill up with a pungent peach aroma. It’s even better when light up.

If you like a big giant joint that is easy to roll( well it comes pre-rolled) so easy to pack, fun to smoke and full of flavor then Torpedoes are going to be your new best friend. Break away from the ordinary. And spice up your life with Torpedo Cones.