Topanga Mini Muffins Marijuana Edibles ReviewTopanga is Top shelf. And although these muffins may be mini’s, the power and the taste absolutely are not. Our ┬áTopanga Mini Muffins Marijuana Edibles Review is about to tickle your taste buds and delight your senses. The muffin man at Topanga Harvest takes his breakfast treats very seriously. So do I. So will you. Trust me.

When I jump out of bed each morning I do not have time to cook. And to be frank, not only do I not want to, I really don’t know how to. And there’s a couple things I like before I walk out the door. I like a big giant black coffee. And I like something very small and ready to pop in my mouth. Well, guess what, a mini muffin is just perfect. Now, if you can incorporate some THC into that breakfast plan, then you have one happy boy. These Topanga mini muffins are the ideal answer to my breakfast prayers.

I am on the move all day. So I like a little kick in the pants in the morning. That is to say a little bit of THC really sets my day and my mind in the right direction. I do not like smoking. So edibles have saved my life. And as I have stated I don’t really like a big breakfast. But I do like something light in my stomach that gets me to lunchtime. One small blueberry muffin is perfect. So is the high.

Topanga Mini Muffins Marijuana Edibles ReviewTopanga Mini Muffins Marijuana Edibles Review

These sweet little blueberry mini muffins are small. But don’t let the size fool you. They are powerful. That’s 35 mgs each to be exact. One tub comes with 280 mgs. Trust me one muffin is enough. I usually recommend that when trying a new edible never eat more than around 25 mgs until you know how it hits you. So 35 is a good but relatively strong start.

So, if you want to kick start your day with a premium quality blueberry muffin blast, Topanga Harvest has got you covered.