Tom Cruise Purple Marijuana Strain ReviewWhat makes a person want to jump up and down on Oprah’s couch? Or believe in Scientology? Well let’s do a Tom Cruise Purple Marijuana Strain Review and see if we can figure it out. I have not tried it yet but apparently it has hallucinogenic powers. And the THC level is very powerful. It’s so powerful in fact they still haven’t determined what the percentage of THC is yet. My guess it is must be 30% or higher.

I think we all know Tom needs a shrink. So, it’s pretty ironic that he once told Matt Lauer that he knew all about psychiatry and that Lauer knew nothing. Well if that ain’t bat shit crazy I don’t know what is. The real irony is that Scientology condemns all professional health doctors. They alone have the answers. Well, that is the foundation of every single false religion in the history of the world.

So, would you like to lose your mind like Tom has lost his? Well, it looks like we found just your perfect strain. All the reviews I have read say the stuff will get you so super high you may never be the same again. And the common denominator is tales of actual hallucinations. That sounds like one powerful and crazy weed, even more so than Tom Cruise himself.

Tom Cruise Purple Marijuana Strain ReviewTom Cruise Purple Marijuana Strain Review

What do we know? Well, we know it’s purple and it’s powerful. It’s origins are a cross between Purple Kush, Cotton Candy and Purple Cotton. That’s sounds really tasty to me. We also know that it’s an indica dominant strain. So your body should be fuzzy and electric. It does not however seem to be relaxing. In fact it seems quite the opposite. Seeing visions and high energy are usually not associated with indica strains.

We also know that the breeders are also unknown. This is in part due to the obvious fact that Tom Cruise is not happy. Moreover his lawyers are, as we speak, fighting in court to get this strain and Toms name off the marijuana market.

So my suggestion is that if you want to get crazy high and try some Tom Cruise you might want to get moving as the strain may become more and more difficult to find. But my real guess is that should the real Tom win in court, it will simply change names.