Anyone who enjoys the many benefits of cannabis will be excited by our Toko Gold Vape Pen Review. Vaping THC and CBD are the latest and greatest ways to ingest your medicine. So eliminate all that smoke and all those carcinogens. Toko Gold is 100% pure THC. You can pick up one of these sleek and discreet bad boys for around $80 dollars. Although that may sound expensive, I can assure you it is not. For that 80 bucks you can get high over 150 times.

Toko Gold Vape Pen Review – What am I Vaping?

Toko Gold Vape Pen Review 1Basically, this is standard cannabis vaporization. So, that means you are vaping pure cannabis. Super critical CO2 extraction fills your Toko Gold. The terpenes are harvested meticulously using Good Production and Good Manufacturing practices. This insures a pure and untainted product each and every time. So Toko only grows GMP and GPP product that is environmentally friendly. And none of their products are soiled with pesticides or heavy metals. So you can be sure that what your vaping is only pure medicine and never any poisons.

All of Toko Gold products are made using only food grade formulations. These pens are packaged in sterile facilities just like any other FDA approved drug would be. Toko adheres to all industry standards and tests. They laboratory analyze all products so that you always get the same consistency and potent product. There are few companies that put the time and love into their juices like Toko Gold.

Toko Gold Vape Pen – What Do I Get?

In short, you get everything you need in a ready to use vape pen. Plus you get all the accessories to keep yourself vaping. Its really not all that complicated. They make it very easy for the beginner to get vaping. You simply open the box and start vaping. The battery is charged when it arrives at your door. I love that. They even throw in a cool USB charger perfect for the car or office. And the cartridge 0.5 ml of liquid gold. The pen itself has a preheat function to get you vaping right away. Also it includes adjustable heat modes to suit your needs. Finally, they also include an on/off switch and sleep mode to insure you’re always ready for a toke. Enjoy!