Toasted Jam Marijuana Edibles ReviewToasted Jam is a spicy pepper jam. Spice up a nice piece of meat on the barbeque. Then spread some savory cannabis infused pepper sauce generously. One 2.5 ounce jar holds 150 mgs of THC. This Santa Cruz company is the focus of today’s Toasted Jam Marijuana Edibles Review. Fire up the Barbie! Grab some shrimps and steaks. I’ll see you in the backyard, I have got the sauce.

Although a pepper sauce may have many uses and applications, none suit a good sauce better than on the grill. We broke out some big shrimps, I have some really nice beef steaks and few potatoes for “bakers.” Right as I turned the lid and lifted, I was hit with strong pepper that was almost sweet smelling. I threw the carnage on the fire and went for my sauce brush.

I chose shrimps for my self. The reason being I was hungry and wanted to eat a dozen. I figured I would get away with sauce and less THC. When I try a medical edible for the first time I like to use caution. Ingesting weed is different from smoking. If you eat too much you can very high and for a long time as well.

My lady friends brought some beer out to the pool and we settled down to eat. I ate 3 shrimps. I figured that was probably somewhere between 20 and 30 mgs of THC. Then I ate my steak which only slightly glazed with the Toasted Jam. I just wanted the taste and maybe another 5 mgs more or less. It didn’t take as long to hit me as I thought it would or usually does. In about 15 minutes a strong rush. I felt both relaxed and euphoric. I felt a good back round high that never overtook me. That is the key for me its testing and being patient. It pays off. If your high is bit weak just eat another shrimp. Problem solved.

Toasted Jam Marijuana Edibles ReviewToasted Jam Marijuana Edibles Review

Toasted Jam is an award winning cooking sauce that not only tastes great but makes you feel great. One 2.5 ounce jar holds 150 mgs THC and a low CBD level. This makes for a more of a recreational product than medical. But it certainly has medical benefits as well. All medical edibles have medical merit.

The sauce has just the right amount of kick. The spicy rich peppers are hot but far from a burn. This wins awards for taste and freshness. It would be a sauce that you would absolutely use even if it had no cannabis at all.