I like to start my work day off with a hot cup of black coffee, something small and crunchy to eat and a good buzz. So, my Toast Crunch Marijuana Edibles Review fits perfectly into my morning routine. Kief Krispys breakfast treat is a 150 mgs of pure morning bliss. 

Woman Dessous Black Coffee

THC Cereal Bar with THC

There are endless ways to ingest marijuana these days. I have reviewed countless different cookies, candies and beverages. But a breakfast cereal bar with THC, well that is just out of this world perfect for me. I am a bit of a health nut. So, I like to exercise, I have quit smoking cigarettes and I like to eat as healthy as possible. I also enjoy drinking beer sometimes. But getting high is must for me each and every day. The fact that I can kill 3 birds with one stone thrills me. With my Toast Crunch I get a healthy morning kick. I avoid smoking pot and hurting my lungs. And I get just the right amount of nutrition. I’m out the door with my coffee and into my car.  By the time I have the radio on and am backing out of my driveway a smooth buzz starts to flow through my body. And I know it ‘s going to be a good day.

Toast Crunch Marijuana Edibles Review

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To put it simply this Kief Krispy creation tastes just like the breakfast cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The only difference is that it is in breakfast cereal bar form. That is great for the on the go person like me. Plus I hate all that milk you need in a bowl of cereal. Also the other difference is the THC.  150 mgs is more than most people can handle. You will want to play with the dosage at home before attempting to go out in public. I suggest at least two hours in the safety of your home the first time you try these. I do not really like getting out of bed to go to work each morning. But thanks to Kief Krispy, it is a whole lot easier and I actually run down to the kitchen with a smile.