Big wheels keep on turning in today’s Tina Marijuana Strain Review. Tina Turner once asked, “What’s love go to do with it?” At Exotic Genetix love’s got everything to do with this new creation. This award-winning strain is a powerful one that, that if smoked too heavily, could leave you feeling like you just got bitch slapped by Ike. Tina is THC strong frosty girl with a heavy indica mood. Like most sexy Vixens this strain is colourful and tasty.

Tina Marijuana Strain Review

Tina Marijuana Strain Review by Exotic Genetix 1High Times awarded Tina the Harvest Cup last year as Best Indica. Put that beside the Grammys on your shelf, Tina. Exotic Genetix set out to create a Kush unlike any other. This strain tastes like sucking diesel fuel directly out of a truck engine. And the effects are strong and instant. If you were having a bad day or feeling down before you kissed sweet Tina, you certainly won’t be after this kiss.

I vaporized Tina in my Hero Vaporizer. One hit was more than enough to change my day entirely. I spent about an hour and a half listening to Tina Turner. I have decided I am not really a big fan of her music, However, I am a big fan of the strain. The Indica dominant strain really couch locked me. I was unable to change the crappy music. Then a mellow all day high accompanied me on my afternoon adventures. I went to the zoo by myself and spent a couple of hours talking to the hyenas.

Tina is an 80% indica strain. The buzz is mostly relaxation and bodily ailments. Medical patients really enjoy strains this heavy in Indica. All kinds of stress and nervous disorders find relief when Tina is administered. If you like Kush, and you like indica strains, you will love Tina. Exotic Genetix breeds cutting edge strains and hybrids.  And Tina is the Thunder dome of Indicas. We give our Tina Marijuana Marijuana Strain Review an enthusiastic thumbs up. Enjoy!