Interested in The Wonderful World of Dabbing? Sure you are. That’s why you’re here. I did too. It wasn’t that easy for me at the time due to lack of resources and information. We want to spare you that pain and give you some sound and simple advice that will get you dabbing in a jiffy.

The onset of marijuana’s legalization has burnt wilder than the fires in California. With this conflagration comes the idea that we can do this shit ourselves. And we can. It’s not easy. But it is doable. Let’s take a closer look at The Wonderful World of Dabbing.

Let’s Start From The Beginning. What is Dabbing?

The Wonderful World of Dabbing

What is Dabbing?

You may be familiar with the phrase, “Just a dab will do you.” And that is what dabbing is with cannabis. You take one very small dab of concentrated cannabis, or wax, and vaporize or smoke it. It should be noted that you can also digest a dab. But that sort of defeats the purpose of getting a very quick, pure and potent high. Medical edibles are far more effective if you want a slow onset with dosage control and sustained effects.

Dabbing is more of a recreational approach where the user wants pure THC and a fast acting high. The effect is essentially instantaneous and very strong. You open your tin or parchment of wax and use a small tool like a dabber or a pin and place a very small dab on the heating element of your vaporizer or pipe and light up. It’s the purest form of inhalation you can enjoy.

The Wonderful World of Dabbing

What Should I Dab?

There are many different treatments of cannabis extraction that result in various products. Choosing the one that suits your needs may require some research or good old fashion trial and error. Either way, you are going to have fun on that journey. There is wax oil, Shatter, hash oil, Crumble, Budder and more. They are basically all the same but vary slightly in potency, properties and effects.

Shatter is one of the most popular dabs. It looks a bit like glass and shatters like glass too. It is used due to its high quality and super purity. Dabbing is what you do so as not to touch the shatter. The oils from your hand can break down the potency and integrity of this delicate product.

Crumble has a much drier consistency than shatter, which has more of an oily texture in it. Hence the name Crumble, it crumbles. This is popular as well as it is less fragile in the hand. You can crumble it and use your fingers to dab.

Butter has more of a creamy sort of texture. You will want to use a dab for this as it will stick to your fingers like peanut butter. Actually, that is the origin of the name as it has a similar consistency to peanut butter. It is made by heating up Shatter and whipping it into a buttery frenzy.

The Wonderful World of Dabbing

Wax is the original dab form. This must be dabbed as it is very sticky. Wax is arguably as pure as shatter and holds equally high levels of THC or CBD depending on your needs.

Oil is also wildly popular. It is a liquid form of extract that you dab. It is also very pure and potent. However, a standard dab is tough to use as it drips all over the place. The best application here is with a syringe. There are multiple methods of extraction. The result is different tastes and potency.

You can also dab Resin and Live Resin. The resin is the sap you get from the sticky trichomes of the flowers and the leaves. This is a highly scientific process and a bit complicated for the do-it-yourself person. It’s not often that some geek at home can cryogenically freeze buds. You might want to buy resin at your local dispensary.

And then there is Rosin. Rosin is similar to Resin. But this you can do from the comfort of your own home. It does not require solvents. It is actually an affordable process. You dry or cure your flowers and use pressure heating. Be careful though.

The Wonderful World of Dabbing

The Wonderful World of Dabbing

You need special equipment to make dabs or medical marijuana wax at home. You also need to watch some tutorials if you want a good end result. First get your self a dab rig. A dab rig is really just a specialized bong specifically designed for dabbing. You will need a nail. That is the stick or mini spoon you use to move your wax from the container to your vaporizer or dab rig. A dome is needed as well to place over the nail to contain the heat.

It is very easy to dab. It’s a lot like hitting a bong. You take a small piece of wax and pick it up with your dab tool so as not to degrade the integrity of your stash. Then you place it on the nail inside the dome. This is basically like packing bud into your bowl, no difference. Then simply grab your torch or light and fire it up. You take a hit like you would with weed. Finally you exhale and enjoy the immediate effects. You have now entered the Wonderful World of Dabbing. I think you might be sticking around for awhile with the rest of us. Welcome!