The Marijuana and Mango Connection

Would you like to enhance your marijuana high to higher heights? You would be surprised in the role of constituents in mangoes that can actually accentuate your cannabis experience. Mangoes contain the terpene Myrcene. This terpene is what gives the mango such a delicious aroma.


Terpenes are one the chemical composition of plants (including cannabis). They have the capacity to ward off animals or attract pollinators. Mangoes are very rich in vitamin A and C. Mangoes are also great for your immune system and skin and hair. Research has shown that the consumption of mangoes can actually make your cannabis high last longer. The myrcene from the mango enters the bloodstream immediately. It is not important if you consume the mango before, during or after you partake of cannabis.


So the interaction of mango and weed is a synergistic natural boost. Therefore you must always keep this in mind when consuming both at once. The marijuana and mango connection are 2 earthly delights that dance very well together. Moderation when using them both at the same time is something you should keep in mind. You could end up 3 stars from Mars!

I will tell a first-hand account of the effects of plant chemistry and interaction. I was on a Caribbean vacation with my girlfriend. We had 2 drinks at happy hour. Then the bartender gave us a shot of fermented rum, wine and various tree barks. When we arrived in our room she went berserk! Speaking in tongues she jumped on me. Like a woman possessed … it freaked me out! I threw her off me and she hit the floor running. I just caught her as she tried to leap from the 3rd-floor balcony. The next day she could not remember a thing.

Chemical Imbalance

When we arrived back to Canada she went to the doctor. His conclusion was the chemicals from the shooter of tree bark interacted in a negative way, with her prescribed medication. So one was a chemical, and one was natural. Who knows what natural compounds and terpenes created this effect. This is a perfect example of how combinations work and interact.

Grapefruit is another fruit that can also have negative side effects when taken with prescription drugs. Mangoes and marijuana are both of a natural origin. This is the reason they compliment each other. The Myrcene terpene is the most abundant and frequently found terpenes in cannabis. Myrcene has a number of important medicinal qualities. The benefits of Myrcene can vary with different strains. For example, White Widow (woody) is known for its euphoric effect, which can help with anxiety and depression. Special Kush 1 (earthy, skunky) is a hybrid rich in Myrcene that is very useful with chronic pain. Skunk XL (fruity) a 50/50 Indica mix that is very relaxing. Useful for stress relief with an intense body and head high. The synchronistic aspect of accentuation of the myrcene in combination is fascinating.

Natural Enhancement

So this goes to prove how natural compounds can work together. Now with this knowledge people can start to experiment with marijuana and mangoes. Trying different mango recipes will make your toking experience more enjoyable. The possibilities are endless. Marijuana and mango smoothies, cakes, pies and gummies etc. A most important thing to remember is to always keep these tasty adult treats out of the reach of children! Ongoing research and the legalization of marijuana is continually showing positive results for medicinal treatments.

Also, information on natural combinations of terpenes in marijuana and mangoes shows a positive side of the marijuana industry. Therefore, in conclusion, I can say from my own marijuana mango high, it really works. What I love about this is you are consuming natures gifts. We all possess cannabinoid receptors for a reason. Try the marijuana and mango connection today. It is delicious I must admit!