The Great Ganja Getaway is something I had have been planning for quite some time. I am a great fan of the healing wisdom weed for years. Marijuana has helped me in both the physical and psychological aspects of this wacky and wondrous world we live in. My wife Shuga also shares in the love gorgeous green ganja.

So we decided to start our journey in Europe where had never been before. Of course, our first stop was in Amsterdam. Here weed has been legal since 1976. This beautiful city is legendary for its coffee shops with its wide variety of awesome strains.  First, we stopped at Barney’s Coffee Shop which is located in a 500-year-old building on Haarlemmerstraat.

The Great Ganja Getaway – Adventure

This is one of the most famous coffee shops in Amsterdam, The Cannabis Cup has awarded this local multiple times. They have a menu with a vast array of products to choose from of various strengths. We both decided on a delicious hybrid Mango Kush. This Kush certainly did the trick as soon we were smiling and grooving along to trippy house music playing. Barney’s also has fantastic coffee and food that tasted like heaven.

Happily, after a few hours, we made it down to the famous Bulldog Cafe. My wife Shuga loved this place. Having a few tokes of tasty Island Sweet Skunk she ordered more food with a third espresso.  I told her not to worry about eating so much, this is our holiday of herb and munchies. At sunset, we walked hand in hand over the bridges of the canals. The sights and sound of this ancient city were hypnotic. The herb had enhanced our senses three stars from Mars.

The Great Ganja Getaway – Three Stars From Mars

So we stopped at a shop and I bought a pair of wooden shoes, learning tap dancing instantly. At the sex museum, we pretended to be mannequin’s wearing green feather suits from the Neo-Classical period of kinky! That is certainly a night I won’t soon forget as it were!

Then we off the next day for Barcelona Spain for more ganja. We had requested our Cannabis Club Card three days before. You need this permit to visit  1 of 200 coffee shops in Barcelona. These membership cards are between 20-50 Euro. When we landed we sped off to our recommended coffee shop. Only members can divulge the location. Shuga and I toked a nice fat joint of Grape Ape Indica then ate Toronga tapas, Joking in Spanish to the friendly staff was muy divertido! As we left we heard a commotion and looked to see a crowd of people running and screaming towards us. A great beast of a bull had escaped from the bull ring.

The Great Ganja Getaway – Keeping Cool

Stepping out on street and stopping the snorting horned devil. Was bravery deep within my stoned soul? I held out my hand and it screeched to a halt kicking up clouds of dust. Just then I smiled and told to it be Irie with no more bull shit. It laughed then dropped a load on my wooden shoes. The bull slowly walked around me, then charged with incredible speed to continue the rampage. Was it my mellow high from the Indica that gave me courage and hypnotic eye? I like to think this is the most rational of reasoning.

The long trip to Negril Jamaica was relaxing knowing we would soon be visiting the farmer. Dexter picked us up at the Montego Bay airport in his Rasta coloured Jeep. Soon we had pulled into a beachside bar for an ice cold Red Stripe and a spliff of smooth Lamb’s Bread ganja.

The Great Ganja Getaway – Island Style

Rolling and smoking at the bar were cool for the ganja is now free to smoke in the open in Jamaica. Fertile mountain soil is the reason for the wonderful quality. The great ganja needed help in cultivation. The farmer asked for our help in quality control, of course, we accepted. Moreover, now we live in a savoury forest of green ganja listening to Irie vibes all day, much to our delight.

We have been here for month’s now expanding our understanding. I have formed a band IrieRaggamuffinn Crew with me on bass and Shuga on vocals. Our first album “All Time High” will be out soon. It was unreal that my wooden shoes were then eaten by termites. Also, I had developed a tender bunion. So now I just go forth barefoot into future on The Great Ganja Getaway.