Welcome to the future, my friends. Today’s THC Vertical Ceramic Atomizer Review by eStick will change both the way you vape and the way you get high forever. Not only is vaping THC the most effective way to get high and medicate, it’s also far and away the healthiest way to use cannabis. And no one does it better than eStick and their ceramic atomizer.  Let’s take a look at this awe-inspiring game changer.

Quality is paramount when vaping THC. And eStick is the best of the best. For starters, your coil is the key to effectively vaping THC. With ceramic, the hits are pure and consistent. The chamber perfectly heats up to create fat and smooth clouds each time you take a hit. Couple that with large oil intake holes that vaporize your liquid at just the right temperature and flow. Until recently eCig atomizers used primarily Kanthal, Clapton or Nichrome wires along with lesser quality alloys. But not at eStick. The heating process is as optimized as possible to create the exact temperature needed to vaporize THC.

THC Vertical Ceramic Atomizer Review

THC Vertical Ceramic Atomizer Review by eStick 2It’s all about the ceramic. They possess remarkable mechanical properties unlike any other material. Ceramic is resistant to abrasion. The allow for elasticity and most of all have an incredible tolerance for high temperatures. Ceramic also possesses optical properties. They can be designed transparent or completely opaque. Try that with your atomizer! And unless your using one right now, your eCigarette is susceptible to oxidation. Wires rust. Ceramic does not. The vertical ceramic coil is also much safer. As alloy coils oxidize, tiny metal particles can break down and enter the vapor. You don’t want that. Therefore, eStick is also a life saver.

Ceramic is durable as it creates a protective glaze that will not break down over time. The ceramic is actually bonded to the wire. The wire itself, used for the heating element is a mix of silicon, titanium, boron and silicon. These are bonded within the ceramic and add to the electrical properties that make it ideal for vaping.

Well, your eStick atomizer is also your air flow centre. This is where you control your intake of air and outflow of vapor. The eStick allows you to control your vaping preferences with smooth rotating rings for a perfect vape each and every time. This combines with large oil intake holes that allow for effective and efficient vapor flow.  All this, and it includes a top of the line Pyrex glass tank. Also, you can choose tank sizes from either 0.5ml’s and 1.0ml’s reservoirs. That is a big game changer. The eStick atomizer is the new King of THC vaping. I absolutely love it. So, our THC Vertical Ceramic Atomizer Review gets a very big and enthusiastic thumbs up! Throw away whatever atomizer you are using today and get to the eStick website and start getting the maximum pleasure possible out of your vaping experience.