I love sour candies, THC and sativa. I was very excited to try some out and write a fair THC Sour Keys Candy Review. So, I ordered online at Coast2Coast Medicinals. They were fairly priced. And in all fairness they were tasty and the high was decent. But what worried me about the product was a lack of information. What further worried me was that I never found a website for the company. This is a big red flag people. It essentially means the company is not well established. In turn, that means you can not be sure what you’re buying. But alas, I ate them them and can now present an honest review.

THC Sour Keys Candy Review

THC Sour Keys Candy Review 1I have tried hundreds of medical edibles. Most are good, few are OK and every now and then I try a dud. I would have to say that as far as medical edibles go THC Sour Keys fit into the dud department. Although they were tasty and there was a slight high, there’s really not much else positive that I can say about them. Sour Keys are supposed to be sour. They had a hint of sour. But mostly they were sweet, too sweet. My educated guess is that these candies are mass produced using the cheapest ingredients available.

The facts speak for themselves. The fact is there are no facts. A  product online that has no official website is a product you want to avoid for obvious reasons. What are the company policies? How is the product made? Finally, and most importantly, what am I putting in my body? Well, I tried to find the answers to these questions and failed. Therefore, THC Sour Keys fails our review miserably.

THC Sour Keys Candy Review – Big Thumbs Down

The first red flag was the price. At $8.50 you get the idea that this product did not cost very much money to produce. Why is that? Well, it means they use the cheapest possible ingredients they can find. It also means there is probably not a whole lot of safety or industry standard practices in the actual manufacturing. Hell, they can’t even afford a website. Or worse, they don’t want a website. What does that tell you? It tells me to avoid the product at all cost. But for your benefit I did try them. And more importantly you now know that THC Sour Keys Candy gets a big thumbs down.