THC Powder Marijuana Edibles ReviewOur THC Powder Marijuana Edibles Review breaks down one of the most versatile cannabis products to ever make it to market. This is simply a THC power with a boost of caffeine and some B-12 to help your body detoxify. I mean, WOW. Just when I thought I had seen it all I continue to discover and to be blown away by the endless medical applications of cannabis and how truly beneficial this medicine is for human beings.

Versatility is the name of the game in this latest offering from House of Jane. And I ought to know I have tried literally hundreds of different medical edibles from drinks to candies to desserts to sublinguals. They all have their place. Most are great. Some are better than others. But that all depends on the user. There are medical patients and people that just enjoy the recreational benefits. Then there are people like me that fit into both categories.

This amazing powder can be used in pretty much any way you choose. Sprinkle some on your breakfast or mix some into your juice, or both. I put some in my pancakes and really got a boost. I got carried away and used nearly a full bottle maple syrup. The sugar was too much with the THC and the caffeine. However it was a really energetic boost. I still felt powered up after work and well into the evening without feeling sluggish.

THC Powder Marijuana Edibles ReviewTHC Powder Marijuana Edibles Review

Boost Powder is great for users with pain. With powder you have complete control over your dosage. Figure out a good THC for you and play around with amount until you find the right level to maintain your boost. The B 12 is a nice add on. B 12 is a great antioxidant. So, you really get a lot of great health benefits in one package.

There are no extra additives. The Powder is gluten free and sugar free. Great for vegan diets. You can pick up a tin of 100 mgs of THC. One pack contains 20 mgs of THC. So, start slow in your drinks and recipes. House of Jane THC Powder is one of the best ways to incorporate THC into your daily routine and make for a better day.