Pour some sugar on me. And get the pancake mix out because it’s time for our THC Pourable Syrup Review. Breakfast will never be the same. Neither will the rest of your day. Baked Bros will make sure of that. It may sound like a sugar-laden fatty way to ingest your medicine. But surprisingly enough, it is the exact opposite.

Baked Bros Good Medicine

The truth is THC Syrup is best ingested by directly pouring the THC syrup into your mouth. The syrup is highly absorbable. What makes this great medicine is that it is fast acting and the dosage is very easy to control. One drop for as many as it takes to alleviate whatever it is that ails you. The effects hit the user almost instantly. And in less than thirty minutes the full healing effects of the THC are in full swing and last up to 6 hours. New developments and research into the incredible healing powers of THC have led to syrups and sublingual’s becoming wildly popular among doctors the world over.

THC Pourable Syrup Review

THC Pourable Syrup Review by Baked Bros 1Good medical edibles start with good ingredients and Baked Bros takes this aspect very seriously. Patients are trying to get well. Many can not ingest sugar, or fat or chemicals. Baked Bros realizes this niche and goes to great lengths to appease this market need. Their THC Syrup is diabetic safe. Moreover, it’s gluten-free, vegan-friendly and made with only all natural ingredients. They never use artificial ingredients. That is great medicine. Finally, they send all their products to Delta Verde Laboratory for stringent testing.

Baked Bros Award Winning Company

Baked Bros has won multiple awards for their medical edibles. They make some of the most awarded gummies and treat in the world. And now they are leading the way in true medical edibles with THC syrups and more. They pride themselves on what they call “dedication to medication”. You can pick up a 2-ounce bottle which contains about 30 servings and 300mg’s of THC. So, get yourself a bottle today and let the healing begin. I give our¬†THC Pourable Syrup Review a very enthusiastic thumbs up!