THC Lube Review

It’s time to get your vagina stoned. Why not? She deserves it. If she likes having powerful orgasms imagine her delight when she explodes while high. Vaginal cannabis lubes like Foria’s make it possible to get your love muffin high. The lube elevates sensation and blood flow increases the intensity of your sexual pleasure. Cannabis lubes only affect the area you apply it to. It is designed only to enhance your naughty bits. You will not “get high.” Lube is a sexual enhancer. So you don’t need to fret the psychotropic effects of smoking weed.

THC Lube ReviewCannabis lube is also ideal for masturbation. It can be difficult getting excited when you’re alone and uninspired. Trust me on that one. I have a lot of experience. Dryness and chafing are not fun down in the nether regions. Lube is traditionally used for just that reason. But adding cannabis to the mix is whole other level. You can lube your favourite dildo or vibrator or simply lather up your coochie. Your hyperactive nerve endings and blood vessels will be throbbing for pleasure and stimulation. It’s a marriage made in Heaven.

THC Lube Review Good for You and Your Partner

Nothing gets a guy harder than an excited woman and an aroused partner. Your man can also share in the fun. Intercourse is for both of you so lube up big Al’s unit as well. Aside from the effects of THC is the mental aspect. Much of sexual excitement is in the brain. And nothing feeds that demon more than watching someone else’s pleasure due to your sexual prowess.

Lube offers three times the pleasure for women, inside outside and Little Ms. Clitoris.  Your clitoris will be on fire. And internally you will be a cascading and pulsating mess.  He is going like that. My lover puts some on her nipples and has even taken a merry jaunt down to brown town. The results have been bombastic, to say the least. I have also enjoyed the elevated tingle on my Johnson and quite like it. However, it almost makes me overly sensitive and actually makes me ejaculate prematurely. That is not a drawback however, as she can’t handle me pounding her for hours on end. So, everybody wins.

THC Lube ReviewA 5ml bottle contains 100 mg of THC and 33 mg of CBD. The combination is perfect and causes longer and stronger orgasms. Studies show that 8 of 10 women surveyed reported substantially more powerful orgasms. The effect kicks in in less than 20 minutes which is perfect for foreplay. At about 40 minutes in you will be the height of arousal and sensitivity. It is a bit expensive. A bottle with about 5 servings runs around $90 dollars. But the price tag is irrelevant if you need a boost or simply want to kick your bedroom game into high gear. Lube it up!

THC Lube is Great Medicine

So far we have only talked about pleasure. But there’s more to this treatment than simply enhancing orgasms. Lube is a great relaxant. Many women cannot even achieve orgasm. This is usually due to anxiety or physical discomfort. If your lover is overly endowed, as am I, the lube acts as a sort of numbing agent. A relaxed vagina is far more likely to reach orgasm. If the body is in a state of relaxation so too is the mind. This allows you to concentrate on the matter at hand as opposed to worrying or being too uptight to reach climax. Take a gander at Foria’s website and go deeper into the information concerning cannabinoids, science and sex.  You can thank me later for the best sex and orgasms you and your partner have ever had in your entire life.