So let’s talk about something you may or may not know about THC and CBD. All of us recreational users know of THC, aka tetrahydrocannabinol. He’s the guy that’ll get you high. Bu what you may not know, is there is also something in marijuana known as CBD.  Aka cannabinol.  This cannabinoid does not get you high, but is great when used as medicine!


One of the major differences between CBD and THC, is its effect on sleep. On one hand we have THC, which is a great aid for the restless. And for calming you down. Allowing your body and mind to relax long enough for sleep. In the other hand we have CBD. Which seems to do the exact opposite. Cannabinol has been shown to provide more energy and awareness to  it’s users. This can explain why some strains will put you to sleep. And others would make you feel energized. It’s all depending on the levels of CBD that are found in one specific strain.

Now here is the real magic in CBD. This gem has been found to have anti-seizure, anti-pain, and anticancer properties. Because of this, we will soon find it in common medicines. There has already been one medication made with cannabinol. Which is approved by the FDA for use in small children to treat epilepsy. Not only this, but now. Certain cancer research groups have administered CBD in with Chemotherapy treatments. Testing how useful it is in helping cure cancer                                                                                                                   patients.

We all know about THC, the magic thing in that little green leaf that gets you high.  But shockingly, THC was actually discovered after CBD. The only chemical difference between the two is a ring. Yes that’s right, a ring. The chemical construction of THC atoms looks like that of a circle/ring. Which ever you prefer to imagine the round formation of the atom. However, CBD looks more along the lines of a C, or a broken ring. The great part is this can be simply changed with just a bit of acid mixed into the equation.

THC VS CBD 3While THC does get you high, it has known side effects. These include making you anxious, and paranoid, as well as the obvious which is drowsiness. There are cases where CBD is proven to reduce and/or reverse these effects. If you are a loyal stoner, think back to the different strains you have smoked. Some have made you feel paranoid. While others you feel great. Some can make you tired, and others will wake you up. While this does partly depend on whether or not it’s a Sativa or an Indica. It is also effected by the levels of CBD present.

THC and CBD are very different and very influencing on each other as well. While both have their many uses, neither is devoid of symptoms. Just the same as every other substance out there. However, in this day and age marijuana is making its come back into the world. But is returning as a positive and helpful solution to many medicinal needs!