thai-reviewBack in the 70’s Thai or ( Thai stick as it was known was sold tied to a long stick ) along with Acapulco Gold and Maui Wowie, were the cream of the crop among the hippie generation. Today’s Thai is a landrace Sativa that has formed many creations in the same way Afghani has to to Indica’s. This Thai Review – Thai Terrific ! reveals that in genetics there is very likely part of the Thai strain in all variants of Sativa and Sativa hybrids. This is a strong pure Sativa of 20% that produces an intense head high. Although quite euphoric it can bring paranoia in some people which is short lasting, and then a blissful feeling ensues.

Blissful Thai Review

Thai will give the consumer quite an energetic high yet relaxing and happy feeling. In the jungles of Vietnam this was the herb that the troops would smoke after long days of a very stressful life in a very precarious situation. A veteran friend of mine said it would make life easier because they could not be in a worse place at that young time of their lives.


The buds themselves are dark brown and green with nice red trichomes. The taste and aroma has a sweet citrus and woody flavour and smell. Very smooth and easy on the throat. The medicinal contributions are great with useful applications for Glaucoma, Migraine, Chronic Stress, Fatigue and Depression.


Thai grows best in tropical climates, but of course is a great for indoor growing situations. Hope springs eternal that the rest of North America wakes up to the many uses of this miraculous herb and it’s many benefits both medicinal and therapeutic. The world in my opinion would be a much calmer and peaceful place if more people could partake of Marijuana instead of demonizing it. I have been to 420 celebrations with 5000 or more people and not once a problem. Try that with a beer garden ! Try the Thai today forget your troubles … that’s what I say in this Thai Review ya hear !