Terra Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans Marijuana Edibles ReviewI love Kiva Confections. They just keep topping themselves with their exquisite creations. Today we look at yet another award winner in our Terra Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans Marijuana Edibles Review. These all natural 5 mg mini bites are the perfect treat. These medical edibles are top shelf in quality, taste and in producing the desired result.

I have a become a huge fan of cannabis edibles and drinks recently. I am fortunate enough to get to test out so many products and share my thoughts with all of you. My favorites are usually the chocolate treats. I recently reviewed a white chocolate cookie you can read about here https://420.reviews/white-chocolate-pistachio-cookie-marijuana-edibles-review/ And I really liked The Elvis cookie too. Read my review for that here https://420.reviews/elvis-cookie-marijuana-edibles-review/.

These are all great products. But what I really like about Terra Bites is the control I have over my high. Eating a cookie, it is hard to gauge what kind of a kick I am going to get. And smoking a joint is almost always too over powering for me. And that’s why I love my little beans.

Terra Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans Marijuana Edibles ReviewTerra Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans Marijuana Edibles Review

It should come as no surprise that Terra Beans was the Winner of the SF Patient’s Choice Award. All their products are above the competition. The reason is they use the finest quality ingredients. For example their espresso beans are micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans. Most companies try to get away with lesser quality and only focus on the THC, not Kiva. And that my friends is what makes the real difference.

What I also really enjoy is the caffeine kick. So, I don’t get lazy and tired during the day. In fact it is a very energizing high. I love that.

So in conclusion, you get quality. You get control. You get great taste. And on top of it all, a fun little treat to munch on. This is one of the best cannabis products I have had the pleasure of enjoying.