Cannabis is perhaps the most versatile medicine on Earth. Its applications are seemingly endless. More specifically today we want to look at Terpenes Many Health Benefits. Terpenes are essentially the organic compounds or oils on the cannabis plant’s leaves that enhance your high and at the same time hold multiple medical benefits for the user.

Let’s look Terpenes on a whole before we get into the specific chemicals and benefits. Terpenes are organic compounds on the leaves of plants. Genetically speaking, they evolved to protect the plant from insects. It also, helps ward off herbivores. I guess the animals and bugs get to feeling a bit stoned after a few nibbles, and move on. But lucky for human beings, that’s us, terpenes hold medical and magical powers. We will list of few of Terpenes Many Health Benefits for your reading pleasure here.

Alpha Bisabolol and Beta Pinene

These organic compounds cause fat and flowery leaves that hold real healing powers. Both heal wounds and fight inflammation. More than that they’re also fighters of infection, as they hold anti-bacterial properties. These terpenes are harvested and used in all kinds of skin treatments and medical regiments. And this is only two compounds in terpenes. What you will learn today is that you can choose marijuana strains based on their terpenes to adhere to your specific ailments, physical or mental.


This compound is famously found in Haze strains, in case you suffer from the following problems. Firstly, Borneol is a great sleep aid. Insomniacs find very restful nights when using products that contain Borneol. Other amazing properties include, its analgesic, antiseptic and bronchial prowess. If you suffer from asthma, yet still enjoy smoking pot, you will find this terpene a great choice.

Delta 3 Carene and Myrcene

Most of the organic compounds found in terpenes share traits. For example, nearly all of them share ant-inflammatory properties, as do both of these. Both are found abundantly in indica strains. You find Myrcene in just about every strain out there, indica or sativa. But the sedative affects of indica are mostly due to the myrcene terpene. The Delta 3 Carene goes a step further. Its great at drying up anything runny, like your nose or your eyes. But best of all, it aids in lessening menstrual flow. How about that ladies? Thought you’ d like to know that one.

Limosene and Linalool

I like to call these guys the cancer twins. Both demonstrate remarkable healing and aid in cancer treatments. Limosene is citrusy in aroma and is great for weight loss. And like Borneol its used for treating bronchial infections. Linalool is more spicy and has the added ability to treat neural issues like twitching and spasms.

Caryophyllene, Eucalyptol and Terpineol

These terpenes usually linger in low concentrations on the leaves of most strains. However, the advent of hybrid science has changed that. As a result researchers are creating new cannabis strains constantly for specific medical applications. Each have exceptional medical properties and value. Caryophyllene works more on the mind than the body. It is used for trauma, stress and anxiety. It has shown remarkable abilities to fight depression as well. Eucalyptol is popularly used in many bath and hygiene products like mouth wash, toothpaste, throat medications and cough syrups. It also great for skin creams and powders. And finally, terpineol is an agent that rids the body of toxic poisons, an all natural antioxidant.

Terpenes Many Health Benefits

The list of Terpenes Many Health Benefits continues, on a chemical compound basis. But there are other active chemicals at play when reaping the rewards of terpenes, namely THC and CBD. Medical advances have isolated all of these drugs in a multitude of medical applications. You can find specific treatments with more of some, less of another, or an endless array of complex combinations. These healing agents all work in harmony to make you well of mind and body. It really comes down to the THC and CBD levels and ratios. However, terpenes are like a yummy little bonus we get from cannabis that adds flavor and even more healing.