Temperature 1When baking, temperature setting is especially relevant to properly bake whichever munchies your little heart desires. Therefore when you would like to get “baked” and are planning to vape your way there, you will need to know a thing or two about why heat settings are so important. Consequently, too low temperature and you won’t get anything, too high and you’ll just burn your stash away. Because vaping your way there is definitely “cleaner” than smoking, by choosing this way you are eliminating any harmful smoke or ash which you may probably get with smoking.

Let’s talk science.

These are the top 5 Cannabinoids:

  1. THC
  2. CBD
  3. CBN
  4. CBC
  5. CBG

Temperature 2THC is the reigning molecule in Mary-Jane. Set it low, THC has a boiling point of  only 157C/315F. Puff puff enjoy!

CBD comes in a close second. Offering huge medical benefits, but without the high. Set the temperpature at 180C/356F

CBN or Cannabinoid formed usually for the oxidation of THC, offers a state of sedation. It has also been proven to be somewhat effective as an antiemetic and anticonvulsant. Set it at 185C/365F+

CBC or Cannabichromene has been proven quite effective as an antiviral, antitumor, and anti-inflammatory relief. With effects up to 10X that of CBD, therefore CBC is great for anxiety and stress.  Crank it to 220C/428F

CBG or Cannabigerol regenerates new brain cells and bone growth. With most noteworthy, proven  antibacterial, antitumor and anti-insomnia effects, you’ll need to set the temperature low. 52C/126F

Temperature 3What type of high are you aiming for? First of all do you want that feel good, sink into the couch mellow vibe? Or the opposite, “I’m going to clean/organize everything high”? Or finally the “Man, I’m high” high?

In conclusion, certain temperature’s release these highs, the following are the perfect temperatues to reach those most noteworthy high’s. 🙂

“Cheech and Chong mellow high”-320F

“I need to move move move high”-365F

“Become one with the couch high” 428F