Tangie ReviewLike a tangerine this awesome Sativa – Indica strain. It will have your taste buds bursting with citrus flavor and the room smelling like an orange grove. DNA genetics are responsible for this fantastic combination of California Orange and Skunk no.1. Sativa based hybrid is relaxing yet energizing. If you are a connoisseur of fine herb this is a must for it’s shear delicious high. This is a potent strain with THC levels between 18 and 22%. About 70% Sativa and 30% indica which makes for a nice mix. This cannabis has taken home over 10 prizes including the High times for Seed Company Sativa in 2013. Check out this Tangie Review it has it all.

Tangie Review – Exuberant Herb

Characteristics of Tangie Review are focus, creativity and euphoria. Which would make it a great choice for social gatherings or a night out on the town. Mostly found in California and Colorado this fine herb is spreading across North America rapidly.The supreme qualities of this awesome herb are being discovered by thousands.If you want to get things done try Tangie.Couch lock is not an option with this citrus sensation.This can produce cotton mouth and red eyes so eye drops, water would be handy to keep on hand. I hope you will experience the delicious flavor of the Tangie buds with their bright orange with thick red hairs.

Tangie Flavor

Tangie herb has many medical uses and is very good for it’s sedative effect. Helpful with insomnia, depression, nausea, lack of appetite, and digestive problems. Hybrid Tangie given it’s Sativa influences has the recreational user cerebral characteristics,with sensations as happiness, creativity, focus and euphoria. Purchase some today ! If you are lucky to get your hands on some you are in for one Tangie tantalizing treat like lemonade on a hot day. It can brighten up your day !