Tangie ReviewTangie is quite a tasty treat indeed. Like the name suggests this super Sativa has a wonderful sweet and tart citrus flavour. A combination of Cali Orange and good old Skunk. The smell is a skunky and woody aroma. Being a Sativa I find this herb great for social situations. Also outdoor activities are a delight and makes the day so much brighter even if it’s raining. A product from DNA genetics. So you know the quality with it’s uplifting and euphoric elements. Let me tell you a bit more about this incredible strain in this Tangie Review.

Tangie Review

I was playing drums last October with the country ska band Cousin Cowlick. It was a great regular gig at the Blue Lagoon Saloon. It would attract a eclectic crowd of truckers, bikers and rasta’s. I was suffering from a large bunion on my right foot which hindered my playing. One night before our second set I met a peculiar chap fresh from Montego Bay. His name was Brain Skyjuice. Or as he liked to be called The brain doctor. I told him about my bunion problem. I have the perfect solution he expounded with unbridled enthusiasm. He passed me a spliff of Tangie and I took three big tokes and hit the stage.

Helpful Herbage

Our first song Bumblebee Butter was bombastic. The dance floor was soon packed with bopping cowboy hats and flying dreadlocks. My pain was gone and I was beating those skins like a merry madman. I could see Brain Skyjuice grinning at me from the sidelines giving me the thumbs up. It was quite a night to remember and everyone was having the time of there lives. Moreover later on I heard the Brain Doctor had been very generous with the crowd with his ample supply of tantalizing Tangie. This herbage is now a shining star in my life as it were.