Tahoe Alien Review .jpgTahoe Alien is a wonder ! A deep relaxing hippy trippy herb. This could take you on a intergalactic trip to center of the universe of your very own unique soul. Thick robust sticky buds. Crawling with happy hairs that are red and spindly. That is how my Mother described me when I was born!  You will find this interesting and maybe somewhat perplexed in this Tahoe Alien Review.

Tahoe Alien Review

Just last week I climbed up to the roof of my chalet in Lake Tahoe and toked a nice spliff of Tahoe Alien. As the sun set the Biokenetic Orbitron Selecter appeared. The door opened and out stepped my friends from the future Baron Wolfgang von Frankenschnitzel and the ultra beautiful Zukie la Rue. This time was different because they brought a visitor from the year 4072. A genetically altered being. Shocking is the only word I can use to describe it. Part Platypus part Donkey part Human  and Alligator !. Most surprising thing was it’s superb Spanish.

Just use your imagination

The hideous creature sounded like Julio Iglesias on helium. He walked like a drunken Penguin and smelled like mustard. His name was Douglas. Over the next few days we became the best of friends. We couldn’t take him out because of the huge yellow blubbery lips and scaly furry tail. So we toked loads of Tahoe Alien and watched surfing videos.

One week later the Baron and Zukie said it was time to leave. I was devastated to say the least. Douglas was the only friend I ever had. This was because J.D Salinger was my great uncle and I am a recluse also. It was then I hatched a plan to abduct the alien from the time travelers. Douglas did not want to return because of his love for pizza in 2017, and of course me. At the break of dawn we stole a hot air balloon. I am writing this now hovering 3 miles above Madison Wisconsin.