Sword Pipe Review The Sword is a medieval master work of a pipe. For $1600 dollars you can be transformed into a swashbuckling, pot smoking pirate. This 26 inch long glass master piece is one of a kind out of Asheville, N.C. Moreover, this electroformed Sword Pipe will easily be the focal point of any high end collector’s display case. Reading today’s Sword Pipe Review is free. But, well that’s a different story.

Imagine having over your nerd friends for a pleasant evening of Dungeons and Dragons. Or maybe you’re having a little “Legend of Zelda” weekend. Or perhaps like me you just pop on a marathon of every season of “Game of Thrones.” Well, that is when you will want to draw your Sword in front of the crowd. You are sure to be the new King. Therefore, go and Rule your Kingdom.

The Sword Pipe Review – Specs

The size of this pipe is impressive. You will see your friends reaction when you pull it out the first time. It’s the biggest spoon I have ever seen. The design is very interesting. The handle is a bone. Made of a beautiful deep red glass, the handle guard is a skull.

Sword Pipe Review

The details are gorgeous. The actual blade is clear glass. I like that. Also, you can see you smoke ride up the blade. The details on that are accented with electroformed metal and gold. As a result, it makes it look like the Sword is glowing or has been dipped in fire. It is really a cool affect that is visually stunning. I love the teeth and the horns on the Skull. Hence, this is really the work of a true artistic master.

The Sword Pipe Review – To Buy or Not to Buy?

First of all, is the price. $1600 is an enormous investment in a pipe. Also, it is a glass pipe. Glass pipes break. And this thing is huge. For that reason I think this is more of a collector’s piece than an actual” usable” daily pipe. Is it nice? Well, yes its stunning. So, is it worth all that money? I guess to a wealthy collector.

Finally, I give the pipe a Thumbs Up. My only regret is I’m a peasant. This is a King’s pipe. Most of all, I can’t afford it. I hope you can, Your Majesty.