sweet-tooth-review-sweet-sensationHaving a case of the blues? Uplifting euphoria sounds good does it not ? This Sweet Tooth Review – Sweet Sensation !  will reveal how this fabulous herb has the capacity to lift you from the doldrums and stress of everyday life and look at these things from a different angle. A very calming effect ! Like it’s name Sweet Tooth has a sweet aroma of fruit and flowers like an awesome incense. Also, the taste is very similar and goes very nicely with a good cup of coffee. High Times magazine awarded this super strain 1st place in 2001 and for good reason for it’s qualities are very pleasant indeed.


This Indica strain was created by Barney’s farm that has been creating awesome strains since the early 80’s. Sweet Tooth is a mix of landrace strains of Hawaiian, Afghani and Nepal. With it being 70% Indica brings out the happy, relaxing and euphoric feelings. This is a powerful high and of course moderation is the key to have the right buzz at the right time. Sweet Tooth is long lasting and has a energetic quality and moreover will not leave you couch locked. Great for social situations and stimulating conversations. Have plenty of your favourite snacks on hand as the munchies will take hold and your taste buds will definitely be tantalized ! Also keep some tasty refreshments on hand for that ole cottonmouth as I can attest writing this Sweet Tooth Review – Sweet Sensation !


The buds are puffed and are light brown/green and are laced with orange trichomes. Sweet Tooth has medicinal attributes, such as stress reduction, appetite loss, headache, depression and chronic pain. Sweet Tooth just might be be the herb you have been searching for. I myself am so glad I have found it myself . This is one of my very favourites, and is one I partake of often. Finally, this is the one I smoke the most after a stressful day. A wonder weed if you ask me !