Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain ReviewEveryone has a sweet tooth right? I know I certainly do, especially if I have been smoking, I am a munchie monster. This High Time Cannabis Cup Winner strain is no exception. Today’s Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain Review will showcase a very well balanced hybrid that really delivers the goods.

When I go to my local dispensary to pick up a bag of Sweet Tooth,  I always make sure I go to the super market first. It is very important that I go first. Because if I go after I get high I end up buying half the junk food isle. I like to stock up on cookies and ice cream and Doritos. Oh and of course I make sure I get plenty of beer.

There’s nothing that I like more than getting home on a Friday night and chilling out to a good moivie. I stock the fridge, turn off the cell phone and lock the door. Then I spark up the bong. Me and my Sweet Tooth make great company for each other.

Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain Review

Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain ReviewThe best aspect of this strain is the balance. This hybrid is a 50/50 sativa, indica split. The THC level is 16%. I like that. The reason I am such a big fan of this strain is because it is a middle of the road strain. I mean that on both counts. First let’s look at the THC level. I like 16%. It’s not too strong and not too weak. I like getting a good high without losing my mental faculties or suffering paranoia.

And then there is the sativa/indica split. Again, I get a well balanced mental high as well as a decent body buzz. Neither are too overwhelming. And both are just subtle enough that I can function.

The ancestry of this strain consists a crossbreeding of Nepalese Indica, Hawaiian Sativa and Afghani Indica. Although, 2 of the 3 parents are indicas Sweet Tooth is actually classified as a sativa dominant strain.

The taste is sweet, hence the namesake. Overall, this is a perfect everyday weed strain to help you deal with life. So, go get some and enjoy the Sweet Life.