Liberty Farms have come out with one Holy smoke. Sweet Jesus strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid of Hell’s Angel and Jack the Ripper. Bless this unique taste of berries and cheese. The THC level is potent yet undetermined. But I can tell you don’t smoke to much of this or you will feel nailed to the cross.

It will be your cross to bear dealing with this cerebral powerhouse. But your sins will be forgiven should you discover the contents of your refrigerator depleted. If inner feelings are of sorrow or misery, fear not. Sweet Jesus is your salvation with its large purple leaves and green big buds crawling with frosty trichomes. Let me tell you more my flock in this Sweet Jesus Strain  Review – By Liberty Farms.

Sweet Jesus Strain Review – by Liberty Farms

Sweet Jesus Strain Review, Liberty Farms, Marijuana, Sexy Blonde, CannabisIt was a bright Sunday afternoon and I was taking a short cut through the park with my faithful three legged dog Skippy. Being a garden gnome painter in East L.A  can be stressful. Repairs to faded and chipped gnomes have me very busy.

There are an estimated 385,000 of these staring ceramic lawn ornaments in my area. My phone is ringing off the hook. But to tell you the truth they give the willies and the heebie-jeebies.

Sweet Jesus Strain Review – Blessed High

So when I met a man in flowing robes that Sunday in the park I was drawn like a magnet. He never said a word, just gently handed me a fat spliff of Sweet Jesus. I knew it was Sweet Jesus because there was a halos puffing out of the joint the robbed dude was smoking.

I kept thinking I was getting this gift from the man himself. Since that day my job with fixing my transfixed friends is filled with joy. So now after sprucing them up even in the most dangerous of neighbourhoods I always eat tacos with my gnomes. First we say grace though. I’m blessed by my Sweet Jesus.