Sweet Grass Pumpkin Pie Marijuana Edibles ReviewAh, sweet memories of cold autumn mornings by the fire watching the multi-colored leaves fall to the Earth as Mom pulled out a fresh Pumpkin Pie. Hers however were not packed with 75 mgs of cannabis infused THC. I wish they had been. And I don’t mean that for me. She could have used the medical benefits of cannabis. She might still be here if marijuana were legal 25 years ago. In her honor let’s do a Sweet Grass Pumpkin Pie Marijuana Edibles Review.

But alas, cannabis is only now becoming legal in some States. My mother came down with cancer at 39 years old. It was Hell to watch her whither away. But worse was the terrible suffering. Her entire body caused her pain. And there was little to nothing that we could do to ease her pain.

We now know that the very best treatment available in the world is cannabis. My mom was not a smoker. So, she probably would not have been able to smoke a joint or use a bong. But she certainly would have been able to eat a piece of hot and fresh Pumkin Pie. Although it breaks my heart, I am happy that these days many millions of people are finally getting the help they need that cannabis provides.

Sweet Grass Pumpkin Pie Marijuana Edibles ReviewSweet Grass Pumpkin Pie Marijuana Edibles Review

Sweet Grass Kitchen really makes a Pumpkin Pie that could rival my Mom’s. They bake mini pies that contain 75 mgs of THC. I really like the size and the potency. This Denver based bakery has quickly become world famous. Also, the pie crust is handmade and hand formed just like Mom used to do. You can’t get a pie like that at the local market. The cannabutter is infused directly into the shortbread crust. Yum!

They only make around 10,000 pies in the month of October. So, you better get your order in now if you want to have the best Thanksgiving dinner ever. And if you’re like most American families you will be having some uncle or in law that you despise. Well, there’s no better way to tolerate an obnoxious relative than with a nice solid buzz. You will be giving Sweet Grass Kitchen thanks.