The Swan Mod Vaporizer by Sixth Sense Vape is the answer for those who enjoy vaping herbal oils and distillates. A lot of oils are just to thick to vape because the electronic cigarette people use is underpowered. Sixth Sense Vape has solved this problem by inventing a compact yet very powerful device. But many oil vaporizers on the market today do not deliver the full potential. The Swan Mod is designed with different power settings to achieve optimum results with oils and distillates. So because the viscosity of different brands of herbal oils and distillates vary, many vaporizers cannot handle thicker products.

Swan Mod Vaporizer ReviewA very smooth vape cloud is realized with every draw. Small in size yet big in power, the 650 MAh lithium battery is the heart of this e-Cig. Also, the 4 temperature range settings make for easy control. Moreover, the 4 indicator lights always keep you informed on your settings. Having a heat and surge protection – auto shut off is a big safety plus. Let me tell you more in this Swan Mod Vaporizer Review By Sixth Sense Vape.

Swan Mod Vaporizer Review By Sixth Sense Vape

Last year my wife and I began vaping herbal oils. We both had tried aromatherapy in the past and enjoyed the relaxing benefits. Chamomile is what I used for relaxation and stress headaches. My wife liked peppermint which helped with her asthma. However, we found that vaping with a Swan Mod brought us a greater outcome. Trying to vape natural herbal oils proved ineffective.

The different e-Cig’s we tried could not handle the heavier viscosity. Through a friend, I discovered the Swan Mod Vaporizer. This proved the best to vaporize with ease, natural herbal extracts. Also, this vaporizer works very well with THC e-Liquids. For those so inclined to partake. This is a top shelf vaporizer which is also available in a variety of cool colours Blue Metal, Black Metal, Lava Shell and Silver Metal. A great product!