Super Glue ReviewSuper glue is a hybrid that crosses the fantastic Afghani and the wonderful Northern Lights. This Indica dominant strain is quite potent with a THC. I find Super Glue to be very relaxing. Mostly found on the west coast this herb is covered in a thick coat of frosty delicious trichomes. At times this can be hard to find in dispensaries because it sells out quickly. With a earthy wood like aroma and  a skunky juicy citrus taste this is pleasure from the word go. I find this herb to be very stress free calming strain. Also great in social situations and can also bring on creativity. Let me tell you more in this Super Glue Review.

Super Glue Review

On a trip to Lake Tahoe my friends and I were water skiing. The boat was very fast and I would say I am not a great skier. This was a bad combination. To say I wiped out would be an understatement. I cartwheeled about 20 times and broke my shoulder. The pain was out of this world. I was let out of the hospital and on pain killers I was pretty depressed. Back at the hotel my friend Jack hooked me up with a nice bag of Super Glue.


Let me tell you this made all the difference.  I would normaly be in a funk. Because my long awaited trip was ruined because of an accident. Instead of being down and stressed. The herb lifted my spirits and also helped with the pain. The rest of the vacation was fun even under the circumstances I was positive and stress free. I also did not need the painkillers which were playing havoc with my digestive system. I highly recommend Super Glue for it’s fine qualities.


Super Glue strain helps with asthma. ADD, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, and hepatitis.