We will now finish off this elite list of stoners in our Successful Pot Smoking Businessmen Pt 2 As you have already seen in Part 1 cannabis not only appears to far less harmful and de-motivational that we have been led to believe, it is actually quite beneficial. If the first set of business power houses didn’t convince you of the magnanimous power of cannabis and it’s positive affect on our world, check out the following list and you will surely change your mind.

Silicon Valley Techies

If you work in the tech Industry then you are well aware of the wide spread use of marijuana. They have the largest concentration of “tokers” in our Successful Pot Smoking Businessmen Pt 2. Nearly all nerds toke. And why not? It is a long standing fact that cannabis adds to creativity. Look at the list of musicians that smoked pot and wrote their best known works. But that is an entire blog in and of itself. The same holds true in Silicon Valley.

Perhaps one of the most successful pot smoking businessmen in this field is Mark Johnson. Although you likely don’t his name unless you’re a tech person he is a daily “toker” and CEO of Descartes Labs and Zite, two of the biggest and most successful companies in computer technology. He is a self proclaimed all day “toker” who famously said, “Coders can code on it. And writers can write on it.” He also once said he knew more people that smoked than did not smoke. So much for the haters.

The Zillionaire Triumvirate

We will now look at 3 American billionaires that collectively are worth over a Bazillion Zillion dollars. Yes, I am exaggerating bit. But only because their collective value would break most calculators. But hyperbole aside these three powerhouses collectively have instigated more change to laws and policies than any other group or groups put together. John Sperling was the CEO of the University of Phoenix. So not only was he a University Head, he was also a very high paid businessman.

And everyone knows George Soros. Although he is a bit a of sleazy politically motivated snake that butters both sides of the bread, he is in fact a big fan of marijuana legalization. And then there’s the aforementioned Lewis who has also passed away. But his estate continues to donate big bucks to legalization. You would be hard pressed to find smarter, more highly motivated successful business giants than these three. These are gentlemen that run universities, influence elections and dine with Presidents, Kings and Queens. And they smoke pot. Go tell your Momma that!

Oprah Winfrey

What list of successful pot smoking businessmen would complete without at least one woman. And when you think successful business persons, there is really only person that comes to mind – Oprah. That’s right America’s most respected businesswoman in history smokes the devils lettuce. She’s admitted to it at least twice on television, including on The Dave Letterman Show. So, tell me again how marijuana is in some way detrimental? Well, there is really only one two word reply to that – Bull shit!

More than her Harpo Production company is the positive change she has made in the world. Oh yea and she is an Oscar Award winning actress. As if being the most famous female TV personality ever wasn’t enough. And then there’s her O’ Magazine. This woman never stops. She is worth over 3 billion dollars and spends her days dedicated to helping children, poor people, the sick and anyone else in need, impressive indeed for a pot head. In all fairness the “Big O” is not a pot head. But she certainly has partaken.

Martha Stewart

We ought to put at least one more female business power house in this elite group. And who better than Martha? She rose up through the ranks on hard work and sweat in a male dominated field. And she became the pinnacle that others esteem to be. When called a bitch once she replied, “If being a hard worker and getting things done the way I want them and in turn being a successful perfectionist, then Yes I am a bitch.” Oh, and then there’s her new best friend, Snoop Doggy Dog. They roll blunts together. Snoop asked her on his show if she could roll a joint. She laughed. And retorted, ” Of course I can roll a joint.” She must have been popular when she was in jail.

Martha Stewart was born during WW1 and broke into a business world that was not female-friendly. She would eventually found her Living Omnimedia Empire which would conquer television, merchandising, magazines and the Internet. This lover of cannabis has admitted to smoking freely and frequently. This, all while writing and publishing best selling books. Again, to claim in any way that cannabis hinders productivity and success is simply idiotic. Even after Martha found herself broken and jail bound she upheld. She came back and was able to rebuild herself and make another fortune with new successful endeavours. Ms Stewart beat all the odds and re-became the CEO of the company that bears her name. That is a great Successful Pot Smoking Businessmen testimonial, or businesswoman, as the case may be

Steve Jobs

We saved the best for last. If you look up “Successful Pot Smoking Businessmen” you are guaranteed to see this guy’s face. Do you like your iPhone? I like mine too. Well, you wouldn’t have one if Steve Jobs didn’t smoke pot. He said so himself. His creative talents came from smoking pot. In fact he spent his high school years getting stoned and tripping on mushrooms and acid. He would also later credit his business savvy being a result of being able to think outside the box while negotiating. So, again cannabis is a multi-tasker like Mr Jobs. It’s like one of his idols Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Success is born when you bump up the inspiration percentage. And that’s what cannabis does for us.

Steve Jobs condoned marijuana use amongst his creative team. And look what they came up with. Our lives are forever changed by the technological advances of Steve Job and his successful pot smoking team. They invented Apple, the keyboard free computer. iPads and Mac Books, Pixar and the list goes on.



Our lives are better once again thanks to cannabis. Your life is an open book. Fill it with goodness and you too could very easily become a Successful Pot Smoking Businessman or Businesswoman!