Successful Pot Smoking Businessmen

The point of this blog is to essentially ally any fears one may have that marijuana takes away the users ambition or ability to be productive, creative and successful. In fact the amount of Successful Pot Smoking Businessmen is rather astounding. Our 70 year old white conservative law makers would certainly have you believe otherwise and have spent millions of dollars criminalizing cannabis use. In fact their big business is putting users in jail, making it illegal to even study the medicinal benefits and spreading false propaganda about the dangers of cannabis. All of this is false, criminal in and of itself, downright contrary to the truth of how incredibly beneficial cannabis is medically, creatively and most of all how marijuana has and does make the world a better place.

The plethora of famous people that partake in the wonderful world of cannabis is on the verge of endless. Practically all musicians smoke for creativity. Then there are the actors and writers and artists, nearly all of which belong to this esteemed club. But it’s really the suit and tie wearing businessmen and women that we hold in such high regard that we want to look at today. Because these upstanding citizens really obliterate the taboos and the smear campaign against our beloved herb.

A Few Successful Pot Smoking Businessmen

Bill Gates

We may as well start at the top. Bill Gates is the most financially successful American citizen in the history of our nation. But more than that his genius and creations have changed the world and are nothing short of brilliant. This pot smoker epitomizes ability and accomplishment. Anti-pot smoking groups would have you believe that cannabis causes the exact opposite. Bill Gates alone disproves their claims as downright ludicrous. Perhaps our lawmakers ought to try hitting the bong. They might actually do their job for once.


Sir Richard Branson

Richie is a prime example of how a pot smoking businessman can succeed on multi-platforms multiple times. And all this while being a lifelong pot smoker. We are talking about a guy who worked in a record store for minimum wage who went on to create the Virgin Records Empire and later Virgin Airlines. Tell me again how pot smoking diminishes ambition? Hell, the guy now runs a company to explore outer space. Now that’s getting high! This self made charismatic entrepreneur once admitted to Piers Morgan he rolled a joint and smoked it with his son. Piers asked how he learned to roll joints. Branson said that Keith Richards taught him, another fairly successful businessman, who has led the world’s biggest Rock n Roll band for over half a century.

Michael Bloomberg

Our fair and honourable Mayor of New York is also the self made billionaire of  The Bloomberg media and financial giant. He is also a hypocrite who, while being a pot smoker, threw thousands of marijuana users in jail. Strange isn’t it? He was asked in an interview if he smoked pot. He answered “You bet I did. And I enjoy it.” This at the  same time he was jailing small time citizens who elected him to three terms. It boggles the mind. He even went so far as to say he would not decriminalize marijuana. So I guess what is good for the goose is not so good for the gander. People continue to lose their jobs to this day for testing positive for cannabis. However, the Big Boss of the Big Apple gets to do what he wants, illegally and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Hugh Hefner

Mr Hefner, every guy’s personal super hero, is perhaps the most poignant example of Successful Pot Smoking Businessmen. He, like Branson, rose from nothing and conquered the business world. He began as a small time news publisher and grew himself into a Hedonistic Empire of money, power and sexual extremism. Then he proved to the world that a pot smoker can work hard, achieve wild success, maintain that success and rule for decades.

Playboy became and continues to be the number one men’s magazine in the history of periodicals. Not only a pot advocate, he actually is the very first CEO to donate to pot’s legalization way back in 1970. How you like them apples? But Hugh Hefner was most notably known for his opulent lifestyle and sexual prowess. His parties at the Playboy Mansion are among the most famous in history. One would think a tail chasing party animal and regular pot smoker would never be able to function at such a high level in the business world. Hugh proved otherwise. The proof, my friends, is in the pudding!

The CEOs

The list of powerful CEOs is long and chock full of powerful wealthy business magnets, all of whom smoke pot and contribute to political marijuana legalization campaigns. First let’s look at Facebook. Facebook is the most successful social platform in the history of the Internet. Co-founders Dustin Moskovitz and Sean Parker each contributed close to $200,000 dollars to the California legalization initiative. And that is just the start. The CEO of Progressive Insurance is said to have donated over $40,000,000 dollars to legalization efforts in his home state of Washington. Peter Lewis was one the first of the successful pot smoking businessmen known to publicly take on drug reformation laws as long ago as the early 1980s. And finally a CEO you may know, Justin Hartfield from Weedmaps has recently placed over $2,000,000 dollars toward California’s reformation actions.