Let me take you down, cause we’re going to Strawberry THC Fields. Yea baby. The song says, “where nothing is real.” But I can assure you that Strawberry THC e-Liquid is very real. And you can vape some thanks to the fine folks at Amsterdam e-Liquid. Strawberry Fields Forever. You might want to download that Beatles song before you try some of this amazing eJuice. You may not be able to download anything but a bag of Doritos afterwards. Also, you will want a psychedelic soundtrack playing whilst enjoying this delicious Magical Mystery Tour.

Strawberry THC e-Liquid

Strawberry THC e-Liquid Review 1Now that you’re feeling better let me tell you about Amsterdam e-Liquid. These guys are a Canadian powerhouse. They have trusted, professionals grow the cannabis, then they process it and package it from start to finish. This results in one of the most meticulously crafted THC e-Liquids on the market today. You can not find better quality at any price. Check the Internet yourself and you will see what I am saying. Their fresh fruit THC e-Liquids will change your life. This is great medicine for just about whatever ails you. And if you’re just looking to get high and enjoy a beautiful day, then I implore you to come stroll through the Strawberry Fields.

Amsterdam e-Liquid

These Canuck craftsmen concoct a THC e-Liquid that can catapult your capacity to conduct a “can’t complain’ and convivial day. The affects are pure. The THC is pure. Amsterdam only uses their supercritical CO2 extraction process to harvest pure THC concentrate. Then they blend FDA approved GP and VG solution. To top it off they add pure food extract flavouring to turn your THC into a delicious vaping experience. Vaping THC is by far the purest way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Each bottle brewed by Amsterdam contains 200mg of THC per ml. Sizes vary from 3ml bottles to 30ml bottles. Check out their website for other very cool flavours. I tried their Vanilla Ice Cream. It was great too. I still have some. A 30 ml bottle will last you a long time. Trust me. That’s a lot of THC. Welcome to a whole new exciting way to enjoy your vape. The future has arrived. And Strawberry is the THC today.