There’s a new kid on the block my fellow vapers. A sensational new Canadian company called DOPE e-Liquid. I cannot express in mere words how much I love their new tasty and potent Strawberry THC e-Liquid. Dope e-Liquid attains greatness on many levels. Let me expound more on this wondrous product in this Strawberry THC e-Liquid Review.

Strawberry THC e-Liquid Review

Strawberry THC e-Liquid ReviewThis strawberry sensation floats your boat and rocks your world. This is a potent product that delivers the best of both worlds. Sweet Strawberry flavour combines with a sweet uplifting yet mellow high. So a couple of small 75% THC tokes will take your mind to the place where your body always wanted to be. This is perfect for social scenes, concert events or pizza with friends, or pizza without the social scene. Or more pizza for you to enjoy by yourself. This is pleasant indeed, as it were if I should say so myself. And there is a good reason for all this hoopla.

Strawberry THC e-Liquid Review – High Quality

Dope e-Liquid uses only the highest quality ingredients, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. These two are blended to perfection with Dope’s Super Critical THC Extraction system. This puts Strawberry THC e-liquid at the top of the shelf, potent and pure. The beauty of vaping THC is that your lungs are not being harmed by ganja smoke or tar.

Particularly important to is the cost factor. Strawberry THC e-liquid is also economical. A 0.8 cartridge is only $79.99 CDN. Needing so little to get you high, the e-Liquid cartridges last a long time. In addition, these cartridges utilize the standard 510 screw thread most batteries possess.  The future is actually here when it comes to vaping THC. Dope THC Strawberry e-Liquid cartridges deliver in a big way. If you want to experience a world-class e-Liquid look no further. I’m looking forward to trying some of their new Black Cherry and Blueberry. Regarding my present unrelenting happiness, I am sure that your happiness is also guaranteed!