Strawberry Lemonade Marijuana Edibles Review Lemonade is perhaps my favorite all time refreshing drink. And as luck would have it, strawberries are by far my favorite fruit snack. Zasp has made all my taste bud dreams come true by combining the two with pure cannabis oil into the most refreshing beverage I have ever enjoyed. So kick back and allow our throat quenching Strawberry Lemonade Marijuana Edibles Review to change your latitude and your attitude.

Its hot where I live. So lemonade is an essential survival tool. Zasp has concocted some of the best I have ever tried. And I know my lemonade. So that’s saying a lot. The hint of strawberry just puts this lemonade in a class all by itself. My friend Abner Nabisco gave me two bottles for my birthday. And that is when the real fun started.

We split a bottle and let me tell you my friends, we were cooked. I awoke later than usual to find my 11 year old daughter drinking from the second bottle. Thankfully she had only taken a few sips when I interceded. On the bright side the bottles come with a dosage meter right on the bottle. So I ascertained that she had ingested between 10-15 mgs of THC. Opps!

Well, I have to tell you that is one funny kid when she’s stoned. We laughed all day long. She missed her first day of school this year as I thought it better to keep her in the safety of our home. The next day she was right back to herself. She was 100% normal. And I pretended nothing happened. So don’t believe the haters and liars that tell you cannabis is bad or dangerous. I must admit I want to get that kid high again, she’s hilarious. Just don’t tell Mom.

Strawberry Lemonade Marijuana Edibles Review Strawberry Lemonade Marijuana Edibles Review

Zasp cannabis infused drinks are the greatest gift to the medical edible world in recent memory. Aside from the obvious delicious taste is the healing power. Each bottle packs a powerful 80 mg THC punch. That is a lot for even the daily user. The bottles do have dosage meter lines. So patients can control their medication and adjust according to their level of pain or suffering.

This multiple award winner is made only with the finest ingredients. It starts with high grade cannabis flowers and finished off with natural, non GMO fruit flavors and organic cane sugar. Also you can purchase an even more powerful 120 mg bottle. But that is just an insane amount of THC for 8 ounces of Lemonade. But who am I to judge. My daughter would probably like that one.