Strawberry Cough ReviewIf you like strawberries? Really who does not ! You will find this super Sativa to you’re satisfaction. Happiness prevails with this with this potent herb with the fragrance of succulent strawberries. With an uplifting experience waiting for you as the berry and skunky aroma fills the room. You will be transported to a cerebral celebration of positiveness. Strawberry Cough is a pleasant Sativa blend that is an excellent choice for social situations and for listening to music. A very energetic and happy herb as you will see in my Strawberry Cough Review.

Strawberry Cough Review

The World and especially North America is rapidly coming to terms with want and need of Cannabis. Legalization is taking place in many countries where it used to carry a negative stigma. Now you find places like Colorado where you will have a art display in cafes. Where people from all walks of life and age groups enjoying smoking some fine herb and enjoying themselves in a calm peaceful manner. Also the open manner in which people have been observed without the problems that are associated with alcohol.


When you are in a cafe as I was in Amsterdam a few years ago there was a mellow vibe and everybody behaving themselves. The music was trippy and I saw a lot of smiles and heard a lot of laughter. Moreover this cool cafe was packed with people from all over the world. There was a sense of freedom and wonderment of being able to toke a spliff without negative consequences. I feel it will not be long until most of the free world will be able to partake of cannabis products legally if they so wish. So I know now how good it felt to be able to enjoy my Strawberry Cough and a nice cup a coffee in Colorado recently and feel that the times are changing for the better.

Medicinal Qualities

Strawberry Cough has many fine medicinal qualities that include help for insomnia, pain, depression. stress, lack of appetite fatigue and pain. So it seems almost every week they are finding different ways of using cannabis in a positive and helpful way.