Pizza Pizza! Oh man, life just got good. How does a freshly baked gourmet pizza laced with 250 mgs of THC sound? It sounds like Heaven. And it is. Today’s menu comes straight from the brick oven and into our Stoned Oven Pizza Marijuana Edibles Review.

Stoned Oven Pizza Marijuana Edibles Review2

My absolute favorite munchie food is pizza. If I am stoned and I get hungry and have a chance to choose my poison, it is 100% of the time, a pizza. So to now be able to enjoy a gourmet pizza as my munchie and get even higher is pure bliss. It’s a dangerous combination for me. Because I want to eat the entire thing. But I know what will happen. 250 mgs of THC is no laughing matter. Well, actually it is until you pass out. A quarter of the pizza, or one slice, is more than enough to fill your belly and set off your mind.

I am a big fan of edibles. So, it is great to see that there are more options than sweets. I like to limit my sugar intake. My wife hates my big belly. So, any healthier choice I can make is always a good thing. And Stoned Oven is a good thing, in every way.

Stoned Oven Pizza Marijuana Edibles Review

Stoned Oven Pizza Marijuana Edibles Review3Let’s put the fact that this a cannabis edible on the back burner for one minute. This is a great pizza. I would love it and go out of my way for it even if it had zero THC. The pizza makers at Stoned Oven use only the finest ingredients, fresh daily. They’re no different than your favorite gourmet pizza restaurant. In fact, I think they might be even better. This is award-winning brick oven style pizza.

They specialize in gourmet. So, throw some fresh basil and prosciutto on top. Or why not try some sun-dried tomatoes with fresh Italian Sausage. That is my favorite. I could not help but eat half the pizza. It was just too good. But man oh man, that was a mistake. About a half hour later I was tripping. Stick to one slice if you want to remember the evening. I put a movie on and can’t remember how it ended.