Stokes Watermelon Micros Marijuana Edibles ReviewWhat is not to like in today’s Stokes Watermelon Micros Marijuana Edibles Review? I like everything about this low dosage medical edible. Each micro-tab contains 5 mgs of THC. Moreover, they taste great as well. Low dose THC edibles have become far and away my favorite way to ingest cannabis. That is not to say I don’t also enjoy candies and cakes. I do. However, each form of getting stoned or treating medical maladies has it’s time and place.

On the weekends I enjoy having friends over and getting really high. But that doesn’t work for me during office hours. Before discovering low dose edibles I would either not be able to get high at work. Or I would sneak a brownie or cookie and find myself much to high to function in the work place. Stokes has cured that painful problem for me. Now I can pop a micro in my mouth and go about my business. If, the high is very subtle I will eat another. In this way, I have complete and utter control over my high.

However, I feel as though this product is not as much a recreational edible for the stoner crowd as it is for people who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety issues. Most patients are not looking to “get high” necessarily. They just want relief. So, low dosage medical edibles are literally life savers for millions of suffers, who until now had no other recourse. Thanks Stokes.

Stokes Watermelon Micros Marijuana Edibles ReviewStokes Watermelon Micros Marijuana Edibles Review

Stokes Confections has really taken the marijuana market by storm with their micros and low dosage products. They really epitomize what it means to be a medical edible. Each small container holds 20 micros. That is a total of 100 mgs per order. 5 mgs of THC is just enough to take off the edge without incapacitating the user.

I also enjoy Maple Sugar for the very same reason. Because I can sprinkle just the right amount as needed. I wrote a review for them that you can read here But if sweets are not your thing, no worries there is also a great hot sauce which does the same job. Here is a review we did right here

Best of all, these micros are sugar free and only have 3 calories each. They also come in a bigger bottle with 250 mgs of THC, which is preferably better for patients. So pick up a bottle today. And let the healing begin.