Nobody needs to smoke weed more than Stephen Hawking. And I mean that seriously. Marijuana is essential for his body and his mind. This genuis is trapped in a body that has been slowly deteriorating for decades. It seems fitting that in today’s Stephen Hawking Kush Strain Review we will see how aptly named this weed really is.

If you “don’t know much about history, don’t know much of biology”….allow me to give you a “Brief History of Time,” Stephens Hawking‘s time. This is one of the most remarkable people to have ever graced the Earth. On so many levels he’s a fascinating creature. He is considered by many great thinkers to be the smartest human being to ever have lived. That is one Hell of title. He basically, broke the mold in the way science and math views our universe. And his theorys on black holes and quantum physics have turned him into a virtual superstar.

Hawking accomplished all this from a wheelchair and unable to speak. In order to think on such a ‘high” level Mr Hawking certainly likes the Kush. His creative and playful mind makes it pretty obvious. And the physical pain he suffers really could only be treated with medicinal marijuana. Let’s look at his strain, shall we? 

Female Black Lips Smoking

Stephen Hawking Kush Strain Review

This is an Indica dominant strain. It’s parents are Harle-Tsu and Sin City Kush. All of these strains are famous for very high CBD levels. The taste is really yummy and fruity. It also has nice hints of mint. Hawking is also great for nausea and stomach problems. That is probably due to the mint factor. But its best used for pain. Patients with all kinds of body aches and chronic ailments find great relief as I am sure does the namesake. The strongest benefit is the relaxation effect. People who suffer from nerve damge, twitching, MS, MD, ALS and more find the body completely calms down when using SHK. It is a great strain.

Stephen Hawking Kush Strain Review

If you suffer depression or stress leave your mind for awhile. If youre stuck in a wheel chair you can leave your body for awhile. Just don’t smoke too much of this amazing weed or you may fall in to a black hole.