Strap on your seatbelt. Our Star Barz Marijuana Edibles Review is just leaving the launch pad and headed out into orbit. High-quality hash oil is the fuel powering up our Chocolate Star Ship. A power bar with 80 mgs of THC would blast any cannabis-loving astronaut out of the Solar System. But be careful or you could end up in a Black Hole. Star Barz pack both flavour and power.

Star Barz Marijuana Edibles Review 2

I find I can only eat so many medical edibles that are sugar based. So, I pick and chose only quality products with innovative designs. A white chocolate raspberry bar is just what I was waiting for to break my diet. I have cut down on cannabis desserts because I have a pot belly. So, I’ve been eating more health bars and trying out sublinguals.

Sublingual and pellets dissolve and contain no sugar. As I am a daily user and medical patient I can only do sweets a couple nights a week. The chocolate and beer have caused my ever expanding belly, grief to my wife who wants a sexy man. But last night we both shared some Star Barz. We laughed all night as she pummeled me with fat jokes. And I rolled around the floor screaming and laughing like a manatee on the side of a dry river bed. Thanks Star Barz. It was well worth it!

Star Barz Marijuana Edibles Review

Star Barz is the galactic creation of Dr. J’s and his fine chocolate chefs. Premium ingredients and compassion go into each bar. Only the finest Belgian White Chocolate makes it into the ovens at Dr. J’s kitchen.

Star Barz Marijuana Edibles Review 3

One fun little bar comes with 80 mgs of THC broken down into 10 little mini squares. Don’t try more than two if it’s your first time. Or unless you are prepared for the next few hours. I ate three and got sent for a loop. Oddly, I didn’t feel a thing for well over an hour. Then it hit me.

The cannabis is CO2 infused. It feels like its warp speed infused that blasts you into a fun and relaxing universe. So, “Go where no man has gone before. And live long and prosper.”