Spiky Glass Bong ReviewI love this bong. It epitomizes elegance and simplicity. And although it is simple, it exudes sophistication. And it smokes great. After one use I was eager to to write a Spiky Glass Bong Review to let my friends know about it.

I am not a big fan of fancy or gimmcky bongs or pipes. Mostly, I really just like to get my smoke on. And as much as I like the more expensive vaporizers and desktop water filtration systems I really prefer a more simple and solidly functional bong.

I recently got an Herbalizer to compare with my Volcano. I have been using both for months. So, when I got a chance to try out the Sparky I got excited. I like both of those vaporizers. But really they are more for when I have guests. And that is not all that often. I spend a lot of time alone in my house watching videos, writing and playing guitar. But I smoke the good herb at least twice a day, everyday. And that is when I much prefer the Spiky.

Spiky Glass Bong Review

Spiky Glass Bong ReviewThe Spiky is made of thick and durable pyrex glass. And it is a big bong. It stands almost 16 inches tall and has a sweet long stem. The joint type is glass on glass. So there’s no tricks or gimmicks here. Spiky is just a straight up glass bong. The design is unique and sharp, literally. The accented spikes that rise up along the body are what make the Spiky stand out in your collection.

I really like the extra deep bowl. This way I don’t need to continually pack and repack my Sativa dominant purple buds. If fact I can pack the Spiky in the morning and still be hitting off it the next day.

Spiky Glass Bong Review

This is one of thickest and most sturdy bongs you can buy. It costs $285 dollars. Although that sounds expensive, and it is, you will have this for many many years. And the cool Spiky look will never go out of style. Therefore, if you can afford to lay down close to $300 bucks you can “spike” up your life today.