Space Queen ReviewSpace Queen has some fine pedigree behind it. This super hybrid was invented by famed breeder Vic High from the BC Growers Association. This fantastic Sativa Dominant Hybrid is mix between Romulan and Cinderella 99. A very potent herb indeed. Space queen delivers an energetic cerebral high as well as a nice body stone. I find this a perfect cannabis to unwind with after a hard day at the office. You will see in this Space Queen Review.

Space Queen Review

Yesterday morning I awoke to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. I hopped in the shower and then went downstairs to find my lovely wife Shuga putting my breakfast on the table. We talked about having children and were both worried about acute insanity that runs through both sides of our family and were wondering if it was worth the risk. I got in my Maserati and drove to work at the Terrablunt Robotics Industries. I had just settled in my desk and was looking over the schematics of the articulation of the pendulum spinner for a new deep sea submarine we were working on. My secretary Mildred came in with some fresh coffee and donut holes, when she tripped on some Leggo’s  on the floor and spilled hot brew all over my crotch.

What the day brings ?

With screaming and speed I made it to the bathroom. Washing my balls in the sink in cold water brought great relief. My boss Igor walked in and without batting an eye slapped me on the back and told me he was giving me a substantial raise. Happiness and glee filled my heart and I forgot all about my balls. I walked back to my desk with my balls hanging out singing the theme from the Lion king much to the bewilderment of my fellow co-workers. I called Shuga right away, and when I arrived home she greeted me with a big hug. That night we feasted on Spindledorf and later sat under the stars toking some wonderful Space queen and talking adoption. We decided right then and there we would adopt. We decided to call her Space Queen . What a day !

Ease the stress

Besides giving you you a happy, positive and uplifting feeling, Space queen has great medicinal effects. These include helping with fatigue, stress, pain, depression and headaches. I really enjoyed it and it helped with the pain in my scrotum, much to Shuga’s delight !