Space Queen Review  Space Queen is a mysterious hybrid of an unknown origin, All I know from my experience it proved to me to be very relaxing and stress relieving. This was very important for me in what was to become of the most bizarre and strange times in my entire life. I will try to explain In this Space Queen Review.

Space Queen Review

I had been at a great party for an album release for my record company of the all transgender band The Hazelnuts. The record company Buzzbrain staff gave me a nice bag of Space Queen. I was happy as a clam !. I went to bed that night but awoke with a bight red light shining in my window. The next thing I knew I awoke in a all white cubicle in the arms of a the ultra gorgeous Queen of Space. Or this is what she claimed. All I know by looking out the window, I knew I had been abducted by Aliens because Brazil was right below me thousands of miles. I turned around and she was standing there naked holding Dominoes Pizza and beer.

Out of this world

Maybe I was in heaven ? Am I dead ? She told me we eat, drink and then it’s impregnation time. First however we have to smoke this huge spliff of audacious weed. She says they visit earth all the time for the weed and pizza. To make a story short, as unbelievable as it may seem. I am now the proud father of a half alien child from somewhere in the Andromeda strain. She is doing very well in school. Especially popular with the other students because she can fly. Also her favorite is to shoot fire from her fingertips to light the birthday candles. Sometimes I shake my head in wonder while I’m eating my corn flakes in the morning. My world has changed indeed as it were. Would you not agree ?.