Space Monster packs a monstrous punch that will leave you feeling spaced out. This is due in part to the potent 20% THC levels and the heavy indica dominance that accompanies it. Also, the dark purple bluish buds look other worldly.

Our Space Monster Marijuana Strain Review promises to be out of this world. I get to try lots of strains each week. It is part of my amazing job as a review writer. So, I have had the best of the best and the worst of the worst. Space Monster is one of the better strains I have had the joy of testing out recently.

Space Monster Marijuana Strain Review

But I digress. We’re here today to talk about Space Monster. I discovered this strain purely by accident. I decided it would be fun. Then I could write a review for you fine folks. So, I headed down to my local dispensary picked up a few bags of various strains, including  Space Monster and set off to work. First, I’m delighted with the results. 20% THC already had me stoked. 

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Secondly, I’m equally excited about the indica and sativa split, 75/25 to be exact. I knew I was in for a good night. Space Monster is a hybrid result of crossbreeding Purple People Eater and Nebula X. The result is a dank and heavy strain that tastes like sweet berries and spicy chemical fuel. It’s really a unique flavor.

Medically speaking this strain is very effective for body pain, insomnia, depression, PTSD and many other ailments. Overall, this well balanced medicinal weed works. It helps both mental and physical maladies. Most of all, the high is superb.

So, if you like a good powerful high that is long lasting you will want to board the space ship. Then say good by to Mother Earth and leave your stress and worries behind. Space Monster awaits you. But, don’t be afraid. He doesn’t bite (hard.)

In closing, let the countdown to blast off begin. And enjoy orbiting in the outer limits of space. Bon Voyage.

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