Source orb XL Review - Great Herbal Vape

Source orb XL Review – Great Herbal Vape

Today we will look at Source orb Xl Flosstradamus Kit, so here is my Source orb XL Review – Great Herbal Vape. First of all, you can find these pens/kits between $90-$120 dollars. In my opinion this is the best value on the market today if you like to vape concentrate. Due to technological upgrades this pen and kit perform amazingly and are fantastic. The best add on is the new triple coil design. If you have used Source vapes before then you will find this to be much like the orb 3 pen but a bigger, badder version. My two favourite upgrades are the battery power and super slick design. In addition, this is one of the coolest looking vaporizers I have seen.

Source orb XL Specs

The Flosstradamus has some of the biggest atomizers you can purchase today. It holds nearly double the concentrate of it’s similar competitors. You can pack close to a full gram of wax in this vaporizer. But I would recommend only putting in about a half in order to leave room for airflow. You get two atomizers that both come with quartz rods inside the chamber.

One of these has dual coils and the other has three coils and are made of Grade 1 Titanium. As a result, there is no better way to heat up your concentrate. You can feel the difference right away as far as a better quality of vape, cloud and taste. The heating intensity can be adjusted from 2.7 to 4.2 volts and a newly designed 30W battery is pretty powerful as well. Therefore, you’re power situation is ideal.

 Source orb XL Overall

Source orb XL Review - Great Herbal Vape

Source orb XL Review – Great Herbal Vape

I have used much more expensive vaporizers and had much less satisfaction. There are many portables on the market that retail in the $300 dollar range that can not hold a candle to the Source orb XL. The new design is bigger, sleek and sharp looking.

People stop me on the street and at the bar and asking me what I am using to vape. Also,they want to what it is and where they can buy one. And of course, I am always happy to let someone try it out. And their reactions are always the same as mine. They simply love everything about it. And who wouldn’t?

Source orb XL Review - Great Herbal Vape

Source orb XL Review – Great Herbal Vape

Most noteworthy, this orb has 8 different temperature setting, 10 holes for airflow and two different triple coil units. Also, there is enough room for almost a full gram of concentrate. There is nothing on the market that comes close to quality, design or value.

Also, Source claims that the orb XL is the “strongest vape pen ever.” Having used many over the years, I can confirm their claim as True ! I hope you have enjoyed my Source orb XL Review – Great Herbal Vape. Furthermore, I really can not say enough good things about my new vape pen, “Thanks Source!”

In conclusion, do not let the cheap price of $100 dollars make you think you are getting a lower quality product. Rather, you can pay 3 to 4 times the price and get a lesser quality vaporizer.
















Source orb XL Review

Source orb XL Review


9.0 /10


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9.5 /10


9.2 /10


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