The Nail from Source is a portable wax and concentrate vaporizer that uses coil-free atomizers. Not only are they coil-free, they come in three different styles. Source Nail Premium Vaporizer ReviewThe styles include grade 2 titanium, ceramic, and quartz.  And so, my Source Nail Premium Vaporizer Review is off to a good start, as this is the first vaporizer kit I have purchased to offer such a variety of options. Let’s what else The Nail has to offer that separates them from the rest of the pack.

Source Nail Premium Vaporizer Review

First off, there a few new modifications I have not seen in other vaporizers that are really impressive. One, The Nail is the smallest vaporizer I have tried to date. The smaller the better I always say. My wife would disagree, just kidding.
Secondly, the other new add is a battery unit that is temperature controlled. This means you can set it to whatever level you want. We are talking about a temperature range of between 200°F – 700°F. Holy Cow Crap! This battery is powerful. It has a volt 40w TC Box Mod battery, meaning 5w to 40w wattage control.
 I like the look, the design and the feel. It also gives great vapor clouds. And, the price of $199.00 is, I feel,right about where it should be.

 Source Nail Premium Vaporizer Review – Specifications

Source Vapes features 3 different coil-less atomizers, as we have already noted. All of which are great for vaporizing wax or oil concentrates. The  Titanium is for a more traditional vape style experience, which I really like. The ceramic is more for low temperature dabbing. And, finally the quartz I find best for of wax concentrates. Source Nail Premium Vaporizer ReviewThe Nail really heats wax perfectly so do not let it’s small and unassuming size fool you.

Another nice option is the bubbler attachment. This converts your portable vaporizer into a bong. I have some friends that I watch football with on Sundays. And they are big water filtration guys. My buddy Max has a throat that is overly sensitive to the harshness of herb. So, Sunday is bong day at my place.

You also get a globe attachment, and a glass carb cap with a dabbing tool. They have included a USB charger which is great for portability. And the case is super sturdy and comes in a cool black design.

The best spec is the temperature control. I have not seen any other portable that allows such a wide range of options. The result is that anyone who vapes, regardless of how picky they are, will enjoy The Nail.

Final Thoughts – Source Nail Premium Vaporizer Review

Overall, my feelings are a bit of a mixed bag. The Nail is very well crafted. The guys at Source Vape certainly took a lot of time in the planning and design. It is clear they really are trying to be on the edge of innovation. But, I feel like they have gone a little to far. The battery settings and temperature controls are nice. But it is really too much for a small portable. Although, that may just be me.

Source Nail Premium Vaporizer ReviewThe glass parts are extremely fragile. The fact that they are removable and require constant cleaning makes me nervous. If you break the dab tool or the globe you are basically out of business. $200 bucks is a lot to drop on a vaporizer that has so many fragile glass parts. And again, although the atomizers are great, it can make the entire vaping process tedious and complicated.

For those reasons, my Source Nail Premium Vaporizer Review has got to be one thumb up and one thumb down. Buy it and try it. You will probably like it very much. I hope you do.

Then, let us know what you thought about it and if you agree with me.

Lastly, thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful.