Sour Lamb ReviewSour Lamb is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a 70/ 30 ratio. When you mix Lamb’s bread strain with Sour Diesel x you get a delectable doobage that will have you coming back for more. With 20% THC this gives your brain a bodacious boost of a happy euphoric high. You will find a charge of energy and creativity. I get motivated when I toke this outstanding herb. Also great for social situations. Keep plenty of your favourite snacks on hand because this will get you hungry. I made the mistake of not having anything to eat in the house. So vanilla ice cream and gravy had to make do. Medicinal qualities also are one of the benefits with uses for back pain, migraines and even bi-polar disorder. Let me elaborate a bit more about this wondrous weed in this Sour Lamb Review.

Sour Lamb Review

It was three Tuesday’s from the last day of the month. I was splayed out in the hammock listening to nature and toking a nice spliff of Sour Lamb. This got me thinking of Jamaica. I called my band mates and planned a recording session in Port Antonio. Spanky Buttons, Mr. Crickets and Soupbone and the rest of the All Time High crew were thrilled to say the least. In two days we were eating tasty jerk chicken at Boston Bay beach.

Sun baked

The sun was shining and the vibes were right. We recorded an acoustic session under the palm trees. It was very cool with Jamaican’s joining in with singing and percussion. We recorded a sizzling Parrot fish for the beginning. Because the rhythm cooked and we were baked. Also a fellow named Captain Quality hooked us up with some primo Sour Lamb. Toasted tropical THC. So after a swim we headed up to the studio and begun laying down tracks for our latest album Garden Slug Yodel. We hope to drop this platter by Christmas. Pick up a copy next month and hear the results of the happy help of Sour Lamb as it were.

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