Sour Diesel is one super kick ass Sativa. With 23% THC, this packs a punch indeed. If you are looking for an energizing and invigorating herb, this is the ticket. This strain is also legendary for its dreamy creative side. This is a perfect bud for social situations. Uplifting and happy are it’s most endearing attributes. So there will be no couch lock with this strain. I particularly love this strain for outdoor concerts or just blasting tunes around the house. Moreover, Sour Diesel heightens all of your senses. Taste, sex and sound are all pushed to a delicious limit. Also, this super strain is a great wake and bake toke. This is also a perfect herb for depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. The buds live up to there name with a diesel odour and a tangy taste. Let me tell you more in this Sour Diesel Strain Review.

Sour Diesel Strain Review

I was in the middle of a tour with my band The Gardenslug Jubilee. Everything was going well and we were having the time of our lives. So after our shows, we would have a party with friends and fans backstage. So I noticed that our guitarist Smedley was usually distant and off in the corner by himself. After having a talk with him, he revealed he was suffering from depression. Smedley was on anti-depressants. To me, they certainly were not working very well. It was then that I had him try some Sour Diesel.

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The effects were remarkable. He told me he felt more relaxed than he was in years. Moreover that same night he joined the party and was much more sociable and relaxed. For the rest of the tour, he quit the pills and toked a few hits of Sour Diesel in the morning. His mood changed for the better throughout the tour. Moreover, he was much more energetic and played better on stage. Soul diesel worked for him, changing his life. I am not saying this is a cure-all for everyone. The natural herb is something that people with depression should keep in mind.

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