Snowcap Review Snowcap is an hybrid that is a Sativa Dominant strain of a mix of Haze and Humboldt Snow. It is mysterious in nature , thought to have it’s origins in California. This Snowcap review reveals that this fine herb is growing in popularity throughout the dispensaries around the country.

Snowcap Review – Leaves You Wanting More!

This Snowcap Review will have you wanting to give it a try because of the excellent qualities in social situations. A comedy club would also be a nice venue for this happy high ! This is a cerebral high and brain booster. Creativity is another one of it’s great attributes. Even if you have no experience in writing or art or music this herb might make you be the next Walt Whitman or Andy Warhol with a sketch pad. You will never know unless you pick up that set of bagpipes and give it it try !

Snowcap Creativity

A robust and powerful strain from 14 – 21%, this is an ultra uplifting high great for cranking up your favourite tunes and groove the feeling. Snowcap is not recommended for nap time but maybe dance time. This would be a nice choice if you going out on the town, to a club or concert for that live music experience.

Uplift Yourself – Enjoy The Review!

Snowcap has a lighter green and deep green nuggets that are jam packed with tantalizing orange red trichomes. With a lemony ginger and slightly menthol aroma when you spark it up the taste is also quite similar. On the medicinal side this strain has been used to treat nausea , glaucoma, anxiety , depression and ADD/ADHD. This is one herb you will never grow tired off. Happy and giggly and maybe a bit silly this would be my first choice for sitting around the campfire with some good friends and guitars and letting the good times roll. Sometimes hard to find, but if you do you will be very pleased indeed, as the popularity of such super strains is growing literally leaps and bounds. Try some Snowcap and uplift yourself !