Snowcap Marijuana Strain ReviewSnowcap is one of the strongest Sativa strains on Earth. This hybrid is a 50/50 split between Indica and Sativa but classified as Sativa dominant. It also has a whopping level of CBD at 4%. Combine that with 24% THC levels and you have one of the best marijuana strains known to mankind. Smoke some of this stuff and you will understand why snow boarders talk the way the do, dude. If you want to mellow out and have a rad day, Snowcap is the way Bro. Chill out and check out this Snowcap Marijuana Strain Review.

I first started smoking weed on top of the snow capped mountains of New Hamshire. I was in the ski club at my high schol and we would take weekend ski trips from Boston. Its only a 3 hour drive from the city to the mountains. I was 15 years old. And weed had pretty much changed and taken over my life. Skiing was the greatest time to be high.

We would take the chair lift up to the top of the mountain. Then we would ski down the hill for 5 minutes. Then we would veer off into the woods and spark up a fat joint of killer weed. Well, when we would get back on the trail it would be a totally different deal. There is no greater feeling than whipping down a snowy moutain, in the freezing cold, with the sun shining, stoned out of your head. Snowcap might be a little too strong for me though.

Snowcap Marijuana Strain Review

Snowcap Marijuana Strain ReviewFirst of all this is a very tasty strain. It is lemony, with hints of ginger and menthol. I love that combination. Snowcap is the child of the strains Haze and Humbolt Snow. Although, that is still up for debate. It is certainly close enough. More than just being a powerful and cerebal high Snowcap is wildly popular amongst the medical field. Patients suffering from a great range of ailments find enormous relief from symptoms and pain.

It is one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen as well. Just look  at that picture. The purple hues make my mouth water. Moreover, it is great for nausea and appetite as well. For patients that need to eat this is a fantastic remedy. You will ge the munchies. That is a guarantee. Best of all, this strain is also famous for the energy it produces along with its creativity boosting powers.

Snowcap Marijuana Strain Review – Summary

You can’t beat Snowcap for flavor. You can’t beat it for power. Toke on Dudes!